[Photo Gallery]: Daniel Miller awarded by Music Producers Guild

At the beginning of February, Daniel Miller, founder of Mute Records, was awarded for his “outstanding contributions to UK Music” by the Music Producers Guild. It was given over by Alison Goldfrapp of the band Goldfrapp. MPG was so kind to send us some pictures of that evening. Thanks a lot.

Small note:
Mister Miller together with former novamute a&r Seth Hodder will be djing at Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg on this Friday (25th February).

MPG Awards 2011 Pic 01

© / Photo by Grace Lightman

MPG Awards 2011 Pic 02

© / Photo by Grace Lightman

MPG Awards 2011 Pic 03

© / Photo by Grace Lightman

MPG Awards 2011 Pic 04

© / Photo by Grace Lightman

MPG Awards 2011 Pic 05

© / Photo by Rosie Levine

MPG Awards 2011 Pic 06

© / Photo by Rosie Levine

MPG Awards 2011 Pic 07

© / Photo by Tom Bunning

MPG Awards 2011 Pic 08

© / Photo by Tom Bunning

out now: Surge & Subside – a compilation to help the victims of the flood in Queensland, Australia


Surge & Subside

Aphotic Audio


Release Date:
25th February 2011

2xCD plus bonus downloads & digitial

01. Sensory Gate – Ianus
02. Angelspit – Cold Hard Cash
03. Empty – Drift (Ginger Snap5 Remix)
04. Bound In Oblivion – Pain & Suffering
05. Psyche – The Beyond (Live – Flood Relief Edition)
06. Streak – Groovy Booty
07. Diverje – Suffer-control.org v2
08. Dismantled – Dead on Impact
09. Lucidstatic – Operating Directive
10. Mangadrive – 67 Gemini Starglider
11. NVEiN – All So Wired
12. Skrew- Universal Immolation
13. Tempest & The Diaspora – IO
14. Viral Millennium – Vomitosis
15. in-FUSED – Misplaced (iammynewt e-RAGE Mix)
16. Maximum Sexy Pigeon – Tunguska! (Water Retentive Mix)
17. P45K – Adrift
18. Assemblage 23 – Raw
19. I, Parasite – A Violence At Rest
20. Android Lust – God in the Hole
21. Soulchasm – My Facade (Empty Remix)
22. Autoclav1.1 – Waxing
23. Anhedonia – Rain
24. Motion Fused – Reflection Of Madness (Extended)
25. Angeltheory – The Wind
26. Headdreamer – Colder
27. Collide – Ocean
28. M(i)lkrun – Lard Ram
29. Dark Territory – Trista Me (Angeltheory Mantra Mix)
30. iammynewt – itHURTS
31. Flood of Rain – Grey Sky
32. Blast Radius – To Find Them Frozen
33. Sensory Gate – Purgatory (Marco Zanza Devoted Mix)
34. Empty – This Regret (Redux)
35. P45K – Before Dawn
36. Blast Radius – Sight Unseen
37. P45K – What Have I Done
38. Tempest & The Diaspora – Jasmine
39. iammynewt – Egor (Version 2.0 – Skullduggery Remix)
40. Disharmony – Evolution
41. Betty X – Shoot’em Up (Fury Road Mix)

Info :
Flood victims receive global surge of support from musicians

As the cost of recovery efforts in Queensland steadily rise, support from Australia’s diverse music community continues to pour in. Sydney-based electronic / industrial label Aphotic Audio have today released a Flood Appeal compilation, Surge & Subside as a double album.

All proceeds from the album are being donated to help those affected by the current flood crisis in Queensland. The album showcases an impressive line-up of Australian and international acts, including Angelspit, Assemblage 23, Dismantled, and Empty.

Aphotic Audio were inspired to compile the benefit album after learning first-hand of the extent of the damage across the state and the devastation felt by flood victims.

The album has attracted overwhelming support from electronic and industrial artists worldwide. Every artist featured on Surge & Subside contributed their music royaltyfree, with encouragement and compassion.

Aphotic Audio co-founder and director Daniel Brunet explains “within a week we had some of the best artists donating multiple songs for this release. I was blown away by the readiness of so many people really wanting to help out.”

The label is friend to Ken Evans of the band Tycho Brahe, whose house and studio in Brisbane was severely damaged in the floods.

The album, says Ken Evans, “speaks of the generosity of my fellow musicians. I am humbled by the line-up of artists involved, who have given their time and creativity, and I’m truly grateful to them and to the people who purchase the album.”

Surge & Subside is expected to enjoy great appreciation among fans, and generate farreaching support. Aphotic Audio aims to assist the hundreds of thousands of people attempting the unimaginable challenge of rebuilding their lives in the floodwaters’ wake.

@Aphotic Audio store

Aphotic Audio store
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Aphotic Audio

support: Bring Depeche Mode’s first single “Dreaming of me” back into the charts

To celebrate 30 years of Depeche Mode, their fans worldwide try to bring Depeche Mode’s first single “Dreaming Of Me” back into the charts. Come on and support them!

click here for more infos and details including buy links
and facebook event

out now: Various – Old School Electrology Vol. 1 [Electro Aggression Records]


Old School Electrology Vol. 1

Electro Aggression Records


Release Date:

4xCD box + bonus downloads

CD1 Old School EBM
CD1-01 Agrezzior – “Statue of Liberty”
CD1-02 Astma – “Honor and Glory”
CD1-03 Darkmen – “Take It Back”
CD1-04 DRP – “Electro Pussy”
CD1-05 EkoBrottsMyndigheten – “Get Your Fists Up”
CD1-06 Ionic Vision – “Hate”
CD1-07 K-bereit – “Blackened”
CD1-08 Lescure 13 – “Destruktor” Pouppée Fabrikk cover
CD1-09 MachineSoldier – “Body Anonymous”
CD1-10 Oldschool Union – “Perkele
CD1-11 Ondska – “Storm”
CD1-12 Orange Sector – “Noise (Head Mix)”
CD1-13 Pact of Warsaw – “Domination”
CD1-14 PP? – “Repression (Dental Exilanation Remix)”
CD1-15 Presto Fervant – “Bullseye”
CD1-16 Serpents – “Komm Naeher”
CD1-17 Spark! “Modern Slaves”
CD1-18 Synaptic Defect – “Electrofreak”
CD1-19 T.A.N.K. – “Game of Men”
CD1-20 UGH…! – “Rage Against Trancewhackedgoregalore”

CD2 Authentic Dark Elektro
CD2-01 Terminal State – “Black Salt”
CD2-02 IC 434 – “Skullwatch (Primal Beats)”
CD2-03 Brain Leisure – “Self Reality”
CD2-04 Amnistia – “Pretended”
CD2-05 Morgue Mechanism – “Simulation”
CD2-06 Second Disease – “Ecstatic”
CD2-07 Necrotek – “Revenant”
CD2-08 Severe Illusion – “My Car Is Burning In Hell”
CD2-09 Nordschlacht – “The Collective”
CD2-10 Pro Patria – “H2S04”
CD2-11 Red+Test – “Holy War”
CD2-12 Object – “Humiliating Procedures”
CD2-13 tEaR!doWn . “Tempting Harlots”
CD2-14 Seven Trees – “Present Decay”
CD2-15 Putrefy Factor 7 – “Confrontation”
CD2-16 God Experiment – “Shiver”
CD2-17 Trial – “Brothers In Arms- Old School Mission”
CD2-18 Morticians – “Art of Pain”

CD3 Assemblage: Authentic Dark Elektro & Old School EBM
CD3-01 To Avoid – “Payback”
CD3-02 Breathe – “Im Raum Der Zeit”
CD3-03 Disharmony – “Access Points”
CD3-04 deltaE (Mortal Constraint) – “Acceleration”
CD3-05 MC1R – “Neuropathy”
CD3-06 kAlte fArben – “Retrospective”
CD3-07 The Holocaust Humanity – “Alive”
CD3-08 Jihad – “Seven Skies”
CD3-09 yelworC – “Teufels Dreizack Part 1”
CD3-10 Splatter Squall – “The Summoning”
CD3-11 One Eye Wanders – “Misdiagnosis”
CD3-12 Instans – “Robot”
CD3-13 Collapsed System – “Stay Tough”
CD3-14 Autodafeh – “Dog Tag”
CD3-15 A.D.A.C. 8286 – “Störtebecker”
CD3-16 Neukampf – “Duell Duet”
CD3-17 NTRSN – “The Coming Ends”
CD3-18 Tech Nomader – “Nomad”

CD4 Amalgamation: Old School EBM & Authentic Dark Elektro
CD4-01 Armageddon Dildos – “Out of Control”
CD4-02 Digital Factor – “Electric Body”
CD4-03 Guerrilla – “Walk Away”
CD4-04 Sleepwalk – “Final Curtain”
CD4-05 The Blister Exists – “For The Squad”
CD4-06 Injector – “Scream”
CD4-07 Haujobb – “Letting The Demons Sleep”
CD4-08 Venetian Blind – “Instead of Tears”
CD4-09 Total Harmonic Distortion – “Reversions/Mutations”
CD4-10 Elite! – “So Wie Wir”
CD4-11 Kraft – “Meine Liebe”
CD4-12 Stin Scatzor – “Noise in My Stomach”
CD4-13 Frontal – “Zeig Mir”
CD4-14 tri-state – “avatar (king klang KHAOS)”
CD4-15 amGod – “Deathrider”
CD4-16 U.M.M. – “Cocktail Molotov”
CD4-17 Kraftakt – “Ich Bin Nicht Da”
CD4-18 Defecto Nagrobek – “Ich War Ein Knabe”
CD4-19 BodyFarm – “EBM Macht Stark”
CD4-20 Page 12 – “Season’s End”

Downloads Virtual Diamonds
DownLoad-01 Parade Ground & P. Codenys – “Marble Mind”
DownLoad-02 Container 90 – “Bla Bla Bla”
DownLoad-03 Kälteidiotie – “Old School Addicts”
DownLoad-04 Mekanik Disorder – “Am I Falling?
DownLoad-05 Void Kampf – “Karmeliet (Uno Mix By Collapsed System)”

Info :
Finally every old school fan’s dream come true: classic electro acts and mega-talented neo-old school bands have joined forces to deliver over 5 hours of STELLAR old school pleasure! After the success of Grandchaos “In Sedens” EP DCD, Electro Aggression Records (EAR)/Cop International proudly presents “Old School Electrology Volume I”, a relentless “shock & awe” electro assault featuring 71 all exclusive tracks, 4 revamped demo tunes never before released on CD, and 6 exclusive remixes by la crème de le crème of the old school scene.


Electro Aggression Records
Amazon GER
Storming The Base

Interview with the initiator:

Old School Electrology blog

out now: Steffi – Yours & Mine [Ostgut Ton]




Yours & Mine


Ostgut Ton




Release Date:
7th February 2011


CD, LP & download




[feat. Virginia]


Manic Moods



You Own My Mind
[feat. Virginia]

Moving Lips


Press Info :
Her previous releases for Ostgut Ton, „Kill Me“ feat Elif Biçer, „24 Hours“ which was featured on Tama Sumo’s Panorama Bar mix, or the mysterious „My Room“ for the „Fünf“ compilation, all served as fantastic introductions to Steffi’s sound. What’s more her collaboration as part of the Third Side project on Restoration indulged in her more raw tendencies. Now with her debut artist album, „Yours & Mine“, we discover an even further developed producer in Steffi.

She shares with us her personal journey. A long period of intense experimentation and self-discovery led to this sensitive, instinctive and extremely insightful long-player.

Carefully mixing old and new, warm analog synth and drum textures flow in unison with modern studio finesse over nine tracks, each telling its own story. Ethereal, hypnotic passages and positive, uplifting messages to the dancefloor meet temperate, slow-building vibes and heart-wrenching moments. Often simplicity blurs into satisfying complexity. Moments of sheer joy arise against the backdrop of a rich and elegantly controlled exploration into her own sound.

The opening track „Lilo“ is a soothing, harmonious forecast of this wonderful deep dance music album; swirling, and reduced. A warm solid state thump drives it however, and it becomes clear that the beauty in Steffi’s house music lies in this meeting of classic, emotion-drenched melodies and bold, earthy drums.

The tactile „Piem“ rises and climbs with a strong late-night intensity before „Yours“ featuring Virginia comes to the fore. Steffi recently collaborated with Virgina on the excellent „Reasons“ EP for Underground Quality, and now her smooth and distinctive voice shines in this powerful recording. Virginia’s vocal talents have already seen her working with other respected figures like Steve Bug, Abe Duque and Butch. Striking a clever balance between positive, addictive pop and and straight up club energy this vocal led future-classic is a loud and proud testament to how far Steffi has come. Not only as a producer, but as a DJ who understands the need for balance, control and of course release!

Perhaps an ode to the many foundations of house that have no doubt inspired Steffi, „Arms“ is a string-led jack track, a slow burner in the best sense, and all the better for it. Similarly „Manic Moods“ sells itself on the strength of its handful of carefully crafted analog synth lines, slowly fusing to become one while her beats urge us forward.

The urgent, sci-fi tones and extended, soaring strings of „Mine“ bring it back back to the club as heady images of warehouses past, present and future flash before us. This retro-futurism is then taken further with the muscular „Nightspacer“, whose NY house roots are fleshed out by blossoming pads and an unstoppable throbbing, traveling vibe.

Drawing the album towards its close, the deeply spaced „You Own My Mind“, featuring Virginia’s beautifully smooth vocals washes over and wraps around us in a calming and gently melancholic blanket of colorful sound.

Deeply personal to the last, „Moving Lips“ could be that special last embrace; one more moment to end the night and yet keep us longing for more. At the heart of it a clear and powerful theme emerges, reminding us that we have all been through this together, for the better.




Juno (CD)
Juno (vinyl)
JunoDownload (digital)
Amazon GER (CD)
deejay.de (CD)
deejay.de (vinyl)
Amazon GER (vinyl)
decks.de (CD)
decks.de (vinyl)
Zero-Inch (digital)
Beatport (digital)
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Ostgut Ton


Photo © Lisa Swarna Khanna