[Mix]: Alfredo Mazzilli – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2019


Alfredo Mazzilli


Born and raised in Italy, Alfredo Mazzilli, approaches the world of music very early. His first passion is the guitar but, with time, his penchant for electronic music becomes increasingly clear.

He shows an extremely versatile nature, as well as his desire to experiment with different genres, not giving up, however, to a consistency that leads him to range in the vast musical landscape, while remaining true to his style that favors ambient and techno sounds.

Based in Milan.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2019”


01. 747 – The Gate Of Life
02. Radioslave – Another club (Charlotte De Witte Remix)
03. Cloned – Prototype I (Kyle Geiger Remix)
04. Amelie Lens – Man Over Machine
05. Phase – Xylo 3 (Steve Bicknell Remix)
06. Christian Gerlach – Alioth
07. Steve Bicknell – Defence Mechanism
08. Asec – Solitary Predatory
09. Menwood – Aronax (Tensal Remix)
10. Dyad – Depletion
11. Alfredo Mazzilli – Controlling
12. Rove Ranger – Dish you
13. Blue Hour- Front (D.Dan Remix)
14. Hioll – Seems To Be Casual
15. Mystics – The Dress With Pockets
16. Inox Traxx – CRTRS
17. Rove Rager – Unstable Current
18. Below Surfaces – From The Archives


Alfredo Mazzilli’s “Murder Situation EP” on Planet Rhythm
Alfredo Mazzilli’s “Heliodor” on ARTS Records
Alfredo Mazzilli’s “Nibiru” on Lanthan.Audio
sampler “VA_03” w/ Alfredo Mazzilli track on Ascetic Limited
Ken Karter’s “DSX_ENV_00 REMIXED” w/ Mazzilli remix on Escapism


Miracle Management


Alfredo Mazzilli


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