Interview with Moog Conspiracy

Interview with Moog Conspiracy, head of the label Elektrotribe

Hello Romain,

you are touring as DJ with the pseudonym Moog Conspiracy and you are also the founder of the label Elektrotribe in 2006. Now you celebrate the 8th birthday of your label with a tour through Germany, Poland, Netherlands and France starting today at La Garenne in Le Pont du Fossé, France. But you will also release a large compilation at the end of 2014.

For the tour you teamed up with our blog to present selected sets recorded during this birthday tour. Let us tell the people some things about you.

What was the idea behind founding the label? Who was the first artist/record and why did you sign it?
Hey, I created elektrotribe in 2006 with a friend Jeremy I was doing music with, it started as a creative platform to develop a new kind of electronic music back then. The idea behind it was to use the new media to connect artists around the globe and work on projects together. The first release was from a friend of mine from lyon called soulkut. The label has been opened to wider genres of electronic music in its first years, and took a turn to focus on minimal and techno since 2008, the style we are in love with and experimenting with now. With this idea of creative platform we signed a lot of new talents and first records of amazing artists who are now at the top of their art, for exemple we had the first project of Brandt Brauer Frick called The Free Electric band with a featuring of Nina Kraziv . We also signed the first releases of artists who are now major names of the minimal scene like Insect Elektrika, Breger, Daegon, Jalebee Cartel and so on.

(Moog Conspiracy – Reload The Hammahalle @ Sisyphos, Berlin, 191214)

Please tell us something more about your roster.
The artist roster has been growing a lot since 2010 when we started to develop the live part and tour with the label. All the artists who have in are producers & or outstanding live acts, and they are also all very good friends. It like a family and we are always having loads of fun being on the roads together.

(Moog Conspiracy in action)
What kind/styles of music do you want to push? How do you find the stuff?
We have been releasing a lot of minimal on the label, major albums by Datensi, Sozonov ,Ssasha Dragheim and 2 of mine. We also released this year the debut lp of Pascal Roeder that has opened the sound of the label to more straight striped techno. Basically we always sign music which is outstanding advanced and underground, we don t really care about signing music that is commercially successful, the label is there to push outstanding music and get the people to hear it. It s like why it exists as well. That s the same idea that is pushing us to bring international tours together and get our artists out of their home base. Now the big turn is happening with the infinite direction. And the tour for the 8th bday. The infinite factor is something that has always been in our culture, on stage and on records, we always play “trippy” music and neverending sets, and the endless timeless feeling is present in the music we produce since the beginning of the label. The style we are working on right now is a new kind of striped techno mixing the trippy synth elements with the bouncing groove we have on the minimal records.

(Infinite. – tour and compilation artwork)
You also travel around the world as dj moog conspiracy. When did you start, what’s your favourite place for DJing? Is there a difference in “music taste” if you Dj and the music you sign for the label?
I have been very lucky to have the chance to tour a lot myself and with the label. I played my first live set back in 2008, after releasing my first ep “is it deep” in 2007 who did chart n°1 on itunes electronic sales one month after its release, so I got invited to play my first live set in berlin. At the beginning I was only producing, I didn t really thought about being on stage with my music. But yeah I played drums for a long time in bands before and I love being back on stage and play the music I love, that is such a chance. There is lots of places where I love to play at, just to give a few highlights: Fusion Festival is a very special one in Germany, Sisyphos club in berlin , Blue frog club in india. Plötzlich am meer in Poland. I aslo played some amazing open air party in goa for NYE , rooftop party in Brooklyn, outdoor in Georgia this summer. Pool party in south france…. There is a lot of amazing memories, I think that what makes it really exciting to have the chance to share my music with so many different people. I definitely have my own style when I dj, I see myself more as one act inside of elektrotribe with his own style, but yes of course the styles are close to each other, especially what we have produced for the infinite compilation is really close to what I dj right now.
Thanks for the interview, Romain. Looking forward to see some nice features of the Infinite. tour. And a special thanks to Yanice for the support.

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