[Special]: Nitzer Ebb – A Selection Of Videos

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Artist (Music):
Nitzer Ebb


Today is the 24th February… short: 24/2 … For some electro heads it is the EBM day (242 from “Front 242”). So we want to celebrate this day with one of the most influencing EBM bands which also had a strong effect on us. Nitzer Ebb.

Nitzer Ebb was initially formed in Chelmsford, Essex by school friends Douglas McCarthy [lead vocals, guitar], Vaughn ‘Bon’ Harris [vocals, percussion, guitar] and David Gooday [percussion] in the mid 1980’s. The trio caught the attention of PWL producer Phil Harding, who then produced their 1985 debut single “Isn’t It Funny How Your Body Works?” and helped them set up their own label, Power Of Voice Communications.

After three single on their own imprint they signed with the legendary Mute label, run by Daniel Miller. The debut album “That Total Age” followed some hit single “Murderous” & “Let Your Body Learn”. 4 other great albums were released on Mute until 1994 – “Belief”, “Showtime”, “Ebbhead” & “Big Hit”.

Then the band broke up for more than 10 years. In 2009 they reunited for the release of “Industrial Complex” album on Major Records.

Enjoy some of their finest songs & videos from their Mute era ….



“Family Man”

“I Give To You”

“I Thought”

“Lightning Man”


“Fun To Be Had”



“Hearts And Minds”

“Kick It”

“Let Your Body Learn”

“Control I’m Here”


Nitzer Ebb


[Special]: Princess Chelsea – A Selection Of Videos


Artist (Music):
Princess Chelsea


By accident we discovered the video “The Cigarette Duet” by singer Princess Chelsea from New Zealand a few years ago. Then she released her new album “The Great Cybernetic Depression” via Lil’ Chief Records last year and we bought it without listening. We didn’t get disappointed. Lovely synth sounds, a nice voice …

Here is a collection/selection of her videos startung with the song that induced us to hear, love and buy her stuff.


“The Cigarette Duet”

“Too Many People”

“No Church On Sunday”

“Is It All OK?”

“We Are Strangers”




“Too Fast To Live”

“And I Love Her”

“Ice Reign”

“Monkey Eats Bananas”

“We Were Meant 2B”


Princess Chelsea
Lil’ Chief Records


© Photo By Brad Fafejta

[Special]: A Selection Of Videos For Mote-Evolver, Created By the29nov films


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This is a special about Mote-Evolver, the techno label launched by techno legend Luke Slater in March 2006 starting with the release of Planetary Assault Systems’ “Deep Heet Vol. 1”.

And yes, that’s the reason for this special. The label has now its 10th anniversary so we want to celebrate the artists like Shifted, Planetary Assault Systems, Marcel Fengler, Psyk (and all others) and the music released on the label with a small selection of videos.

Enjoy some of their songs with videos by the29nov films….


Planetary Assault Systems – “The Eyes Themselves”

Shifted – “Junk”

Psyk – “Distane”

L.B. Dub Corp – “Lurcher’s Dub”

Bas Mooy – “Howl”

Samuli Kemppi – “Linear Function”

Planetary Assault Systems – “Function 4 (Marcel Dettmann Remix)”

Kamikaze Space Programme – “High Rise”


the29nov films


[Special]: Erasure – A Selection Of Videos

© Photo By Richard Haughton

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This is a special about Erasure to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The duo consisting of Andy Bell (singer) and Vince Clarke (machines) released their first single “Who Needs Love (Like That)” via the legendary label Mute in 1985. Vince Clarke was looking for a new singer to start a new synth pop project after he left Depeche Mode and disbanded Yazoo – so he found Andy. They released hits and classic synth pop songs like “Sometimes”, “Always”, “Oh L’Amour”, “Victim Of Love”, “Ship Of Fools”, “Chains Of Love”, “A Little Respect” or the more recent track “Reason”. You will find some of them on their new compilation “Always – the very best of Erasure”.

Enjoy some of their finest songs & videos ….


“Ship Of Fools”


“Victim Of Love”


“Chains of Love”

“A Little Respect”

“Blue Savannah”


“Reason (Live in Boston)”




© Photo By Joe Dilworth

[Special]: New Order – A Selection Of Videos

© Photo By Nick Wilson

Artist (Music):
New Order


This is a special about New Order – the legendary Manchester band formed in 1980 by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook & Stephen Morris after the tragic death of Ian Curtis and the end of Joy Division.

New Order combine(d) post-punk and synth-pop but also other electronic dance music like Acid House. So they got an important part of the British music scene of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

They had several hits like “Bizzare Love Triangle”, “True Faith” and the club hit “Blue Monday”/”Blue Monday 88” which is still part of some DJ sets.

After Hooky’s abandoning New Order consists of Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert, Stephen Morris, Tom Chapman and Phil Cunningham nowadays.

Today (25th September 2015) New Order releases a new album called “Music Complete” on the legendary indepedent label Mute so we want to celebrate it with this selection.

Enjoy their different sounds …


“Touched By The Hand Of God”





“Bizarre Love Triangle”

“The Perfect Kiss”

“Blue Monday 88”

“Fine Time”

“Here To Stay”


New Order


© Photo By Nick Wilson