15th May 2010: De/Vision – live @ C-Club, Berlin

On 15th May De/Vision are playing live @ C-Club (formerly known as Columbia Club) to present their new album “Popgefahr”. Electronic pop at its best – don’t miss it.

More Infos about the new album can be found here (just click).

More tour dates are posted to De/Visions website www.devision-music.com.

29th May @ Tresor: Alex Flatner, Mike Vamp and more

Alex Flatner (Circle Music/ Mannheim)
Mike Vamp (Martini Brös, Pokerflat/ Berlin)
Hermanez (Miconn Rec./ Belgium)

Marco Remus (Kne’ deep/ Belgium)
Frank Kvitta (Kne’deep/ Germany)
Bold (Kne’ deep/ Australia)

Tresor, Berlin (Germany)

Info (german first, english below):
Circle-Nächte versprechen ein Tanzvergnügen der intelligenten Art. „Circle“ steht hier für einen sich ewig weiterentwickelnden Sound, von subtilen Melodien bis hin zu pushender Funktionalität, jedoch immer mit viel Gespür für den richtigen Groove. Der Host dieser Nacht ist im Globus Alex Flatner. Der Sound des Labelgründers von Circle Music, Gedankensport und Monoid steht für Offenheit gegenüber neuen Einflüssen, ohne die Tanzbarkeit der Tracks zu vernachlässigen. Ebenfalls im Globus am Start ist Mike Vamp, italienischer Wahlberliner aus Frankfurt a.M. und DJ-Mitstreiter bei der früheren Tresor-OceanClub-Reihe. Neben Abstechern in Drum’n’Bass-Gefilde und Co-Produktionen mit DJ Clé als Märtini Brös auf Pokerflat ist Mike Vamp heute einmal mehr im Viervierteltakt und Solo zu erleben. Er wird techhousig unterstützt durch Hermanez. Im Tresor stehen derweil alle Regler auf Kne’deep, und damit kommen die Freunde der härteren Techno-Gangart auf ihre Kosten. Repräsentanten an den Plattentellern sind Marco Remus, Frank Kvitta und Bold, alles andere als Unbekannte, wenn es auch mal 150 BPM sein dürfen.

Circle Nights always promise a more than pleasurable dance experience of the intelligent kind. “Circle” stands for an already well-established sound of subtle melodies to more pulsing, pushing functionality – always with much feeling for the right groove. The host for this evening in Globus is Alex Flatner. The sound of Circle Music, Gedankensport and Monoid’s founder represents openness alongside new influences, without risking the dance element of the tracks. Also in Globus is Mike Vamp, the Italian import to Berlin via Frankfurt, and DJ co-member of the former Tresor Ocean Club Scene series. Besides this he dabbled in drumm ‘n bass and also was co-producer of the successful Martini Brös team. Mike Vamp is today all over the place as solo artist to take notice of. In the tech-housy regions the support comes from Hernandez. Downstairs in Tresor there reigns a mighty techno bite in the form of Kne’Deep, and with this injection comes a group of friends from the harder elements of the genre. Representing the lable evening are Marco Remus, Frank Kvitta and Bold who is everything but unknown when it comes to 150BPM!

out now: Marcel Fengler – Thwack [Mote-Evolver]


Marcel Fengler








Release Date:
31. May 2010


12″ & digital





Press Info :
Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver label is doing more than most right now to keep the techno scene as fresh and vibrant as it should be. Combining the contrasting styles of peak time party cuts from Cari Lekebusch with the brutally heavy music of Ortin Cam and ultramodern techno from Finland?s Samuli Kemppi and American innovator Submerge; Mote-Evolver continue to bring fresh momentum to the scene by sticking to the twin values of consistent quality and varied content

As a fellow OstGut Ton recording artist and Berghain regular, the connections between Berlin’s Marcel Fengler and Luke Slater go beyond the usual mutual respect between artists. Strongly influenced by the heavier techno sounds of the early 90’s, Fengler has released his inspiring tracks on OstGut Ton and has now found another natural home in Mote-Evolver for his mood-soaked, often-abrasive music.

With the clue to its inspiration in the title, Thwack is typical of the Berghaininspired music for which Fengler is known. A no-holes-barred ride through mechanical sounds and raw beats; the track exudes a purposefulness that conjures up visions of steam locomotives relentlessly powering through the night.

Sculptures flips the emphasis of the EP from heavy industrial atmospherics to a decidedly funky yet definitely twisted groove. Intense, energetic and hypnotic this is a full-force production that not only has the energy to move the floor but also the power to melt the mind as warped loops of plucked strings work their charms.




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Marcel Fengler


Savas Pascalidis – “Nuclear Rawmance” (Sweatshop Records)

Savas Pascalidis

Nuclear Rawmance

Sweatshop Records


Release Date:
15. June 2010

CD, 2xLP & digital

01. Logic State
02. Delta Ray
03. Get Down
04. Sonic Groove
05. Manipulator
06. Voyetra
07. Echoplex
08. Magic Orchestra
09. Interspace
10. Web Of Fear
11. Flash Point
12. Deep Inside Your Eyes

Info :
Honing his production skills for over 15 years now, the underground powerhouse that is German Dj Savas Pascalidis primes his third Longplayer. But this Album ‘Nuclear Rawmance’ is soundwise very different from Savas previous albums so it can clearly be seen as his first Longplayer in a new sea of sounds.
Having founded the Lasergun label, UFO, and recently his new Sweatshop imprint, the hard working analog-fanatic is riding a freshly cut wave of attention, after records like his ‘Web of Fear’ on Figure SPC, and the seminal cut ‘Deep Inside Your Eyes’.
Over 12 masterfully produced cuts, all created in his studio using a veritable bank of hardware, Savas pours out his musical heart. From tough, old school edged house, to raw, jacking techno, dub atmospheres and smokey warehouse epics, its all here!
Opening track ‘Logic State’ sets the tone beautifully, with solid state drums forming the crisp backbone to all the tracks found on the album. Glistening and transforming over nearly 9 minutes, its a deep, heavy slice of future techno. The vibe is then maintained as tracks like ‘Get Down’ and ‘Sonic Groove’ apply funky hooks and minimalist aesthetics to the modern underground house sound.
‘Manipulator’ has a deep European techno soul at its core, pumping and mutating across a heavy canvas of dubbed sonics and powerful bass energies, as does the fantastic phasing swagger of ‘Echo Plex’. There are more than enough monsters to keep DJs happy here, and also a very high quality of sound throughout, that ensures repeat listening!
Neo-Detroit anthem ‘Magic Orchestra’ will have everyone’s hands firmly in the air, while the spooky dubbed out chimes of ‘Interspace’ chill things out for a moment, before the album final assault.
The freak-out bomb ‘Web of Fear’ features here, from Pascalidis’ recent Figure SPC outing, and also comes hand in hand with the technoid acid of ‘Flash Point’ and the incredible ‘Deep Inside Your Eyes’, the concluding bass-heavy floor killer!
Considering the sheer volume of upfront, insistent and downright funky tracks on offer here, its reassuring to hear that Savas is locked in at the controls after all these years, perfecting his art and consistently and devilishly delivering the pressure where its needed. We’re sure you’ll be head over heels, trapped in his ‘Nuclear Rawmance’…!


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djshop.de (vinyl)
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Savas Pascalidis
Sweatshop Records