[Live Set]: Cellarkalt – NovaFuture Blog Live Set September 2023




Cellarkalt, that’s the oldest project of Benedikt Schmidt (Snuffo / Snuff Crew). Launched in the late 90s in the basement of his parent’s house, it’s about creating experimental soundscapes and keeping a DIY and Dada approach. Cellarkalt music got releases by labels such as Konglomerat, New York Haunted, Jetztwelt. Ardetha Records, Elephant Recordings, Bella Ursa Recordings and Killekill – plus through cellarkalt.bandcamp.com


Artist About The Set:
The live set, Cellarkalt recorded for NovaFuture Blog is something different and something challenging. It’s a 60 minutes and 35 seconds long free improvisation.

The artist just switched on his machines and started performing, without knowing where the journey will take him to.

Nothing was prepared before, everything happened on the fly, in a deep frenzy of sound. The result is a sonic mayhem full of floating drones and harsh noises, it is an intense experience of experimental music. And it’s also a preview of the Cellarkalt stage performances.

Artwork is based on photo by Halbert Ramis


“NovaFuture Blog Live Set September 2023”


live set – no tracklist


Cellarkalt’s “Blaue Stunde, Kleidermann” on Konglomerat
Snuff Crew’s “Still Doin’ It EP” on Next Door
Snuffo’s “In Restless Dreams I Walk” on Solemne Records
Snuffo’s “Twisted Mind Phone” on Analog Records




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