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Samo Rane


Samo Rane is a DJ/producer who in the end of 2015 escaped from Iran due the strict politic and laws against parties: these are heavily forbidden. Once he found refuge in Berlin, he approached activism through music.

Samo established, in this way, the radio show, podcast series and record label “mercyTechno”. A platform that fights for human rights and for the elimination of violence in this world.

Samo is also resident DJ at Art Bei Ton. He played at CTM-Festival in2019 and in some of the Berliner underground queer events and club’s with solid action’s like DURCH, STAUB, ://about_blank, Griessmuehle, Art Bei Ton, Suicide Circus, Acud Macht Neu, Fiese Remiese, Mikro Disko, Transmission Queer Festival, Bewegungsfreiheit and Sea-Watch.

He also released more than 20 track’s on his own record label mercyTechno, had an EP on Burial Soil and contributed tracks to Berlin labels like Bewegungsfreiheit. The Burial Solid EP and the track on Bewegungsfreiheit were released for solidarity actions like “refugees welcome”.

Samo is just a free soul in a human body being active for refugees, female and LGBTQIA* rights e.g. with his recent series “We Are One” on mercyTechno.

Artwork based on photo by Ina Felina


“NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2023”


01. DJ Ibon – Generator
02. Forbidden Signal – Dazzling Eyes
03. Tremor – Waltz Of The Scorpion
04. Chontane – Chrome Foil
05. Angioma – Insurgence
06. Jacobworld – Revision
07. Tremor – Waltz Of The Scorpion (Alarico Remix)
08. Dinamite – Ciclo
09. Milo Raad – Algebra
10. Blicz & Geerson – Eleven Roses
11. Blicz – Tbilisian Ride
12. Åre:gone – Terrans 421
13. Dustin Zahn – Wet Hot Heat
14. Rove Ranger – Blobo
15. Pushmann – Marisma
16. Chontane – Tiama
17. Dold – Ring Ma Bell
18. SLV – Frame Of Mind
19. Angioma – Divergence
20. Mark Broom – M19 (Josh Reeves Remix)
21. Jacobworld – Division
22. TWR72 – Snail
23. Remco Beekwilder – Early Birmingfunk
24. UBX127 – Loop51 (Fixon Remix)
25. Remco Beekwilder – The Dusk Hour
26. Buried Secrets – Of Lost Things (Obscure Shape & SHDW Tool Mix)
27. Ryuji Takeuchi – Sonoran District
28. Project 369 – Teslas’ Legacy
29. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Die Augen Des Teufels (Stigmata Version 1)
30. Sons Of Hidden – Birth Of Tragedy


Samo Rane’s “Women Life Freedom” on mercyTechno
Samo Rane’s “Aliveness” on mercyTechno
Samo Rane’s “If EP” on mercyTechno
Samo Rane’s “Ich Du Schlauchboot EP” on mercyTechno
Samo Rane’s “Azadi EP” on Burial Soil
compilation “Sanctuary Vol. 1” w/ Samo Rane track on Bewegungsfreiheit


Samo Rane
Samo Rane @ Instagram
Samo Rane @ Soundcloud


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