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Dominik Müller


Insidious Innocence


Monolith Records




Release Date:
30th May 2023


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So Easy To Suffer

New Path

Empty Dolls Behind The Booth

So Easy To Suffer
(Sirio Gry J Remix)


Press Info:
Dominik Müller lands on Monolith Records with ‘Insidious Innocence’, a Monolithic 3 tracks EP (plus Sirio Gry J Remix) as solid as the rock on the artwork which is a rightfully emblematic stone coal extracted from 1 Km depth in a mine of his homeland, Upper Silesia, charged with the higher purpose of matching the unique style to this high quality work. Herr Müller, long standing dj/producer, live performer and sound engineer in the dark/industrial techno scene is relentlessly delivering top quality cuts since early 2000s, uncompromised through various active to date monikers, such as Beauten O. S., and Uncto (together with Rafal Fürst) among others, and managing Furanum Records, an important HQ label project, reference for the genre since more than 15 years.

With this challenging work, the creator is exploring a more introspective approach aiming to find new shapes, seeking revenge towards a scene that consumes everything and betrays true passion by crafting harsher sounds serving a more purely industrial perspective. Just like mankind’s choices led to a society of greed and suffering for the most, the music scene follows the same annihilating motion: behind the shiny masks of social media, lies and propaganda proliferate endlessly as the industry demands and pushes towards the rush of consumption, standing against any possibly truly artistic output, considering creativity dangerous for the artificially established Status Quo, radically inconsistent, but able to saturate the channels. Unstoppable marketing machines are engineering media to replace artists with almost-artificial or nevertheless fictional characters behind the booths, who carry neither a message nor mission, conveniently lacking commitment to themselves, and ending up being the perfect actors to comply with the market demands without risking to tamper with the hegemonies. Dominik’s commitment instead craves a New Path towards a new light, the urge to explore new territories and evolve his sound tradition leads to this glorious work which is a bridge towards a future where self-development and expression are still the main values of a truly passionate musician.




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“So Easy To Suffer (Sirio Gry J Remix)”


“New Path”


“@ Triumvira Festival, Switzerland 2019”


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Dominik Müller
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