28th April 2023: ARTS Label Showcase @ Club OST, Berlin (Germany)


ARTS Label Showcase


Date & Time:
28th April 2023 at 11:59pm


Keith Carnal
Denise Rabe
Judas live


Club OST, Berlin (Germany)


Press Info:
ARTS is proud to presents the pinnacle of the sound representation of the record label showcasing some of the best artists on the label.

Our Music moves people globally and we are proud of this. Music is the key for us, and over the years we worked constantly to improve everything related to it. From creativity, sound design, the product, and constant delivery, the aim was and always will be the best we can deliver for you. This showcase is a representation of how we see techno and the nightlife in one single club night with some of the best sound system in the city to pleasure all your senses. Your musical pleasure is our desire.

Event @ Resident Advisor


Emmanuel – “Interruption​﹙Augost)”

[KRTM] – “FOLD Invites …”

Keith Carnal – “Rote Sonne Podcast 88”

Denise Rabe – “Stelar Booking Podcast 43”

Ferdinger – “Adroit Podcast Series #022”

Khloe – “Rawmantique // ResidencyMix #04”


all releases on ARTS we featured


ARTS Records
Club OST


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