[Mix]: Desolate Discotheque – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2022


Desolate Discotheque


After 15 years experience as a promoter and performing as a DJ, Berlin based Desolate Discotheque established himself. Back in 2019, he fulfilled a personal dream by starting his own independent cassette label, Crave Tapes.

The inspiration he draws from 80’s underground electronic music and the goth culture, is manifested in his exorbitant, authentic and excessive style – a wild mixture between EBM, Industrial, New Beat, Cold/Dark-Wave, Post-Punk and some Techno.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2022”


01. Upcoming Crave Tapes
02. OTHR – Deltoid
03. Upcoming Crave Tapes
04. Aspecto Humano – Volt Thrower (Kris Baha Remix)
05. Brandski – Brute Factor
06. Black Dahlia – Fire In The Hole
07. Tense – Disconnect Myself (kkoee Remxi)
08. Antoni Maiovvi – Velvet Summer (Cardopusher Remix)
09. Soft Crash – Your Last Everything Part 1
10. Time Modem – Werkzeuge Eines Fernen Willens
11. 3Teeth – Dissolve (Raul Parra Remix)
12. Choke Chain – Losing The Way (Mind | Matter EBM Ritual Mix)
13. The Undertaker’s Tapes – Flesh Lust
14. Unconscious – You Belong To Me Now
15. Publics. – Ecstasy (Struck 9 Remix)
16. Upcoming Crave Tapes
17. Unknown Artist – Untitled 7
18. Karlyv Tyn – Ukusil Sugrob
19. The Sisters Of Mercy – Amphetamine Logic


all stuff on Crave Tapes, the label run by Desolate Discotheque, we featured


Desolate Discotheque @ Instagram
Desolate Discotheque @ Soundcloud


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