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Release Date:
24th June 2022


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Distinguished She Said

The Lawnmower Man


Alpha Sect
Le Feu Depuis Le Ciel


Self Thinking


Endless Nothing
Acceptance Of Loss

XTR Human


Press Info:
Fire was once stolen from the Gods, taken from their grasp to serve the needs of humankind—mastered to bring light into our darkest spaces. But to steal from the Gods their very emotions, to feel what they feel…what burning pleasures might that provide?

WIE EIN GOTT seeks to answer that question in the form of the most fire underground music it can bring together under one digital temple roof. The odyssey of Johannes Stabel, the Berlin label was forged within the crucible of Stabel’s collaborative work on his own musical venture XTR HUMAN. To craft such a body-jacking synthesis of gothic atmosphere and dance energy, he was brought into the company of a host of producers, artists and dark-minded individuals. Each burned as brightly as he for that perfect and eternal emotional transcendence to be found within the club, that rising swell from within that seems torn from the breast of Heaven itself.

The first champion to emerge from the gates of WIE EIN GOTT strides forth blazing, a compendium of aural might inspired by the very Gods from which it draws energy. It’s quiver is filled with a rain of hand-selected EBM arrows forged not only for their concussive power, but also to inspire that rush of heroic mental fortitude. Each of the nine tracks bring a different strength, summoning to the dance floor electronic evocations as blackened as the shores of Erebus, as driving as the hips of Phanes.

The opening volley by London’s OLIVER gets down to business immediately with concussive blasts of bass and a synthline to send your courage soaring, before being launched into the night sky with pulsating Tech Noir from Saint-Petersberg’s Rudiment. UNCONSCIOUS peels back the veil of reality to expose the raw beating heart of Chronos, the Milan producer twisting time with a searing cut that evokes the crystallized Now as much as the nostalgic throb of days past. Summoning the icy majesty of figures from his Greek heritage, Alpha Sect’s orbital hammer falls with glacial irrevocability, opening the gates of Hades for a consciousness- shattering purgatorial descent with Berlin’s Clarissa.

Formed from these mental shards, the razor-sharp blades of Parisian doom machine Termination_800 bring pure automated apocalypse in under six minutes. As the heralds of Swærm ravage the plains, heeding the incessant cry of synthetic death, the warped shrieks give way to the horns of Thanatos. This is the crushing weight of Endless Nothing, the metal-minded Italian berserker sent to burn the celestial palaces, to bring the Gods to their knees—to become as Gods, in that moment of transcendence. Descending from Olympus, prize in hand and heart, XTR HUMAN sings the final cry of triumph, a gleaming celebration of our Humanity and—however brief—of shared Godhood found in the throbbing fires of the dance floor.


Full Track Streaming:


Oliver – “Kaos London with … – 20 February 2022”

Unconscious – “Phormix Podcast #229”

Alpha Sect – “Abaddon Podcast 199”

Clarissa – “DVTN―41”

Termination_800 – “The Forgotten CCXCI”

XTR Human – “N.I.M PODCAST :: EP.90”


Oliver’s “Neither Wise Nor Gods EP” on Oráculo Records
Termination_800’s “Opfor Target” on Crave Tapes
Unconscious’ “Forced Isolation EP” on Kindcrime Recordings
Unconscious’ “Clerical Perversions EP” on Blacksilk
Unconscious’ “La Caduta Di Lucifero” on Blackwater Label
XTR Human’s “Verfall EP” on Orden
split EP “Technofossil | G.O.L.D (Remixes)” w/ XTR Human on Braid
compilation “Dream Baby Dream Vol. 1” w/ Clarissa track on DBD
sampler “SHARPVA003” w/ Alpha Sect & Termination_800 track on Sharped Records


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