[Mix]: DRIADA – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2022




DRIADA is a sound-producer and singer from Moscow, owner of a label Routine. For the podcast the artist has collected special tracks released on Routine and some other favorite tunes, driving into the nostalgic journey to the world not yet broken by war. Being half Russian and half Ukrainian, DRIADA created a multi-languages vocal mix united by love for music and lust for peace.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2022”


01. Yansyet – Burn Out
02. DRIADA – Drown In My Eyes (Gewalt Remix)
03. DRIADA – Decadence (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)
04. DRIADA – Decadence (Meshes Remix)
05. The KLF vs Rand – What Time Is The Light?
06. Lestat & Lady Maru – Forces
07. DRIADA – Land (Yansyet Remix)
08. DRIADA – Horrowod
09. Jensen Interseptor vs DJ Haus – Stuttgart
10. Meshes – It Follows You
11. Meshes – Joy
12. Nite Fleit & False Persona – Parallax
13. Lestat & Lady Maru – Bloody And Teary Country


DRIADA’s “Край (Remixes)” on Routine Records
DRIADA’s “Край” on Routine Records
DRIADA’s “Obolochka” on Routine Records
DRIADA’s single “Travushka (Znzl Remix)”
DRIADA’s single “Lull Kill (Znzl Remix)”
all Routine Records we featured


Routine Records


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