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Blind Emperor


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Release Date:
25th February 2022


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Redwinged Phoenix

Marching Crowd

Blind Emperor

The Sacrifice

Moving Forward

War Priests


Press Info:
Through wetland, winters, rubble and fallout come horizons new; civilisation shattered under a vengeful cataclysm, eventually led to dawn from the light of a blighted leader. Every action has a reaction, and those who wish to prosper must first be willing to offer something of intrinsic value. As one empire crumbles, another takes its place. The struggle for a fleeting utopia comes at a cost, and those who strive towards golden gates must trek along a solemn valley.

Berlin-based artist, The Allegorist, has been meandering through stories with her purposeful and introspective take on electronic music. Each release explores themes that require joint participation from the listener as they look to flood your mind with images of fabled characters and places through her artistic soundscapes. Her carefully build worlds that straddle sci-fi and fantasy, feeding off of the light and dark dualism are the perfect blend of reflective contemplation and storytelling.

As a holistic artist, Anna Jordan (The Allegorist) encapsulates a myriad of her talents within her work. Her previous albums, Hybrid Dimensions I. and Hybrid Dimensions II., established her aesthetic and detailed fictitious stories, along with the language ‘Mondoneoh’, a language to unite all nations. Her latest endeavour, and 4th album, The Blind Emperor, portrays the essence of a mythical land that tells of struggle that will lead to prosperity. The protagonist, Blind Emperor, leads the charge into a brighter tomorrow. Like chapters from a novel, each track allows the listener to be carried by the story. It is an epic, cinematic, choral, ambient techno album. The album combines her depictive, written and musical storytelling with a concept portrayed visually, orally and audibly to deliver another saga in her ever-evolving figments of fantasy. It comes as an entire artistic project, as The Allegorist created the album art, wrote the included story and composed a poem that all combine to tell the tale of Blind Emperor.

The Tale of Blind Emperor Written by The Allegorist
It was once a magnificent avian wetland. An atmosphere of tranquility, a sharper light shining on hoary grass through the bleak winter are now there. There was both a soothing relief and tension in this silence. The only dirt path with an intense earthy odour was scarcely perceptible and muddy with wet decaying autumn leaves. Last night had been heavy and lowering therefore the hurrying convoy had to stop and settle down here.

Walking back the steamy breath of the horses moulded into a cloud of fog from afar. The black carriage with an imposing presence was lavishly designed. Carefully fabricated, rich and expressive ornamentation deco- rated the wheels and sophisticated embellishments covered the body. Six sculptures of graphite black cormorants were holding a heavy black drapery fringed at the bottom falling down from the top with a reflection of a greenish-blue. The shiny lacquered surface had a metallic touch although it was said that it was constructed out of wood.

For centuries the shrine had been guarded and now it was only a few days ahead.


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“The Sacrifice”


“Live at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin | 05.11.2021”


The Allegorist’ “Hybrid Dimension II” on Awaken Chronicles


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