[Mix]: Reka Zalan – NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2022


Reka Zalan


Reka Zalan is a Berlin-based Techno DJ and promoter, co-organizing the ://elements series at ://about blank, where she’s resident and part of the booking team. Her activities in the local music and club culture scene also include working at Hard Wax, one of Berlin’s essential record store addresses. Reka’s sound is a palpable blend of cosmic and driving Techno, combining deep, gloomy vibes and trippy elements as well as percussion-heavy, groovy and tooly facets. Besides her passion for Techno realms, she loves various forms of (UK) Bass music, Electro (Wave) or experimental beatless soundscapes. She also plays under the moniker No Life Signal, a B2B duo with ://elements colleague and DJ fellow THNTS.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2022”


01. Feph – Star Trex
02. Bipolar State – Satellite Cosmos
03. Troy – Spirit Navigation
04. TWR72 – Dreamscape
05. Fabian Wegmeth – Slide Out Of My Hands
06. Oliver Rosemann – Mama Mapenzi Fashion Design
07. Taupe – Joker
08. Müzmin – Lofive
09. Force Reaction – Control Abuse
10. Atonism – Still
11. Marcal – Ainozama
12. Dustin Zahn – Hand Over Control
13. Chontane – Instinct
14. Savage – Threshold
15. Hertz Collision – Jvlia
16. Phara – Sensory–C
17. _asstnt & Roll Dann – Drunkenness Of The Deep
18. Feph – Soil
19. Echologist – Knot Twist
20. Troy – Voyage To Pollux
21. Yan Cook – Exomoon


Reka Zalan
:// Elements


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