[Special]: NovaFuture Blog Mixes/Live Sets 2021




puuh… also 2021 is nearly over…. another year with closed clubs, less meeting friends … what another shitty year. It also changed the music scenes. One thing we already experienced in 2020 but had now a bigger effect on us especially our mix series etc were the live streams many artists did. So we just had 15! mixes in total this year – in our series regular series and “ABC plays XYZ” series but unfortunately no new instalments for our “Visual Mix Series”, “Music & Interview” and “Club Portraits”. Some mixes are already in planning and we hope to have some more interesting stuff for you in 2022.

Big thanks to all contributors!

All DJs in order of “appearance” (if not mentioned it was for the regular series): Theatral Soup (in “ABC” with tracks by Peryl), Gewalt, Alpha Tracks, B2, Buried Secrets, Cedric Kuschnick (in “ABC” with tracks on X-IMG), SLV (in “ABC” with tracks by James Ruskin), Sustention, VUUDUU, Eve Schwarz, Matias Aldana, Anton Johnsen, Scripted, Chontane and Gerald VDH.




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