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WOW… just another shitty year? It was in many ways. … but there were a lot of nice releases this year.

Please keep supporting your favourite artist, favourite label etc etc by buying, streaming, listening, playing their tracks on your favourite platform (*SMILE*) ….

Here is a selection of tracks & releases we enjoyed this year (for sure it is just a small selection there are many more).


Tsorn – “Victima G”
[from DURCHDIGI001]

DRIADA – “Drown In My Eyes”
[from ROUTINE011]

Chris Liebing feat. Tom Adams – “Circles”
[from STUMM469]

Babes Of Enola Grey – “Freiheit Sicherheit”
[from CRAVE003]

Cedric Kuschnick – “Anosmie”
[from “Anosmie”]

Sylph feat. Terence Fixmer – “Braid”
[from MUTE612]

Sharplines – “Stay Sharp”
[from NOVAF012D]

SI.KURD – “What You Waiting For (Lapse Erase 80s Breakbeat Rechunk)”
[from “WYWF (Remix EP)”]

Evil Dust – “RAF”
[from UD01]

Black Light Odyssey – “No Future”
[from SYSEX04]

Gewalt – “Doubtful Mechanics”
[from ROUTINEVA002]

Black Asteroid – “Dust (Liebknecht Remix)”
[from A+W LXIII]

Kalte Liebe – “Schatten Der Venus (Crystal Geometry Remix)”
[from T006]

Luis Flores – “Descends”
[from ARKIO08.1]

Remco Beekwilder – “Indigo”
[from SEELEN010]

Blaxad – “Unnamed Part 2”
[from ALIØM005]

Chontane – “Komar”
[from VOLT007]

Arthur Robert – “Petrichor”
[from RYCL015]

Matrixxman – “Vexxer”
[from KSR007]

Lyric – “Eternal”
[from SELECTED008]

STUTE – “MX500”
[from OHNE006]

TreuHand – “TIVR”
[from NEBULA004]

Lostbutfollowed – “Lost In Jungles”
[from VCVA002A]

Non Reversible – “Mental Absorbing”
[from SOMA617D]

Stigmatique – “Aus Feuer Wiedergeboren”
[from WIR001]

Buried Secrets – “Death Of The Future”
[from GFR078]

Anton Johnsen – “Virgil”
[from KVA001]

Samo Rane – “Ich Du Schlauchboot”
[from MT001]

Chlär – “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”
[from COUP017]

Strathy – “Auf Dem Zahnfleisch”
[from LAPVA002]

Dahlia – “In The Bleak Midwinter”
[from BKCN02]

MSKD – “Flight 203”
[from KK004A]

Julian Muller – “Until The Sun Goes Down”
[from 10PILLS016]

Krl Mx – “Miss Universe”
[from LIP004]

Black Mirror Park – “I’ll Buy A Skateboard Tomorrow”
[from TRM204]

Frankie Bromley – “Breath”
[from CODEC992006]

Denise Rabe – “Living Backwards”
[from K021]

Toni Dextor – “Type X (Oliver Deutschmann Remix)”
[from ADT011]

Sync 24 – “Oriental Sunset”
[from CE040]

Dina Summer – “Who Am I (Time To Sleep Remix)”
[from IDI003]


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