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Oliver Deutschmann


Fast Lane EP


Arkham Audio Records




Release Date:
15th October 2021


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Fast Lane

New Age


The B-S Track


Press Info:
Fast Lane is a project that looks to deliver a diverse output in the return to booming club sound systems. Oliver Deutschmann is no stranger to injecting compounding techno that builds with emphatic passion before reaching a crescendo and cascading effusively.

The Berlin-based artist is releasing under the Belgian imprint Arkham Audio, which Cri Du Coeur heads. The label embarks on delivering forward-thinking and unshackled techno sounds. This project is a coming together of both philosophies to offer four tracks of eclectic floor pleasers.

The title track ‘Fast Lane’ features acid-tinged basslines that create velocity, while off-synths, crushing snares, and emphatic bass drums culminate in a pulsating finish.

Up second is ‚New Age‘, which offers a more pensive solemn affair. The excogitation pads insinuate an elusive feeling that gains direction as the kick, quick claps and shivering snare add pace and movement.

The penultimate track begins with rumbling jungle-like drums juxtaposed against a bleeping machine infused synth. The bleeps and bloops develop until it sounds like a conversation with a droid. Eventually ensnared by tingling hats, it continues to rise with plenty of body.

Last cut is a peak time driver with punchy kicks, a polyrhythmic whaling synth and snappy stabs. It has a mid-way build that keeps energy engaged and brings in an icy snare to cool off the heat—strap on your dancing boots.

Fast Lane EP will be available for digital release October 15th, 2021, on Arkham Audio. Be sure to check out the sound and cop the release.


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“Fast Lane”

“The B-S Track”

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“Tech Clubbers Podcast #215”


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