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03rd September 2021


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Smeared Dreamsz

Ayako Mori
Charlie We Move Time

Floor Force One

Lucas Campagna
Watcha Gonna Do

Karl Schwarz
Unknown Secrets


Esto Memor

Dirty Sucking Lips

Charly Schaller
Better than Sugar

Cerebral Discord

Lady Maru
Virtual Acidizer

Cometa // Crash

Anxiety Type



Press Info:
DURCH is a queer collective with a clear vision of solidarity and community building. DURCH operates in Tel Aviv and Berlin trying to bring queer people together, building a culture of inclusion, diversity and tolerance. In the tradition of original raves DURCH organizes solidarity events ranging from parties, to art and community events, with the strong belief that raves are a much needed place for people to come together, celebrate their diversity and learn to respect each other. Musically DURCH is eclectic inspired by hardcore, straight forward techno, ghetto and scouse house and 90s acid.

DURCHs upcoming LP showcases emerging talents of the international underground techno scene. The LP features 14 tracks on the harder side of the electronic music spectrum, exploring a fast, forward-thinking take on industrial and hard trance inspired techno. United by the over boarding desire for genuine human contact, all the tracks have a necessitating and almost raging quality to them.

Gossip – the echoing of a queer overturn.

GIA – “Smeared Dreamsz”
GIA is a dreamer. She dreams of living a different life, not as a human but as something else. She longs for a new world, wishes she would wake up one day and everything would be different. A fantasy universe. Throughout the chaos of the past year and a half, she feels as though her dreams have been smeared, her desires have been dampened. These frustrating emotions are what inspired her to create this track. Rough, spectral, almost celestial. Close your eyes, sprout your wings, and fly away, darling, fly away…

Ayako Mori – “Charlie We Move Time”
Ayako Mori is a Japanese DJ and producer based in Aachen, Germany. Apart from being a GEGEN Berlin resident DJ, she is the owner of the labels PTR, Kalmary Rec and Unbekannt/Label. She is also active as an artist with the collective WE ARE RAVE (FR). „Charlie We Move Time“ Voice sampled from classic rave track Charlie, with rumble kicks, lead & pads.

Floor Force One – “Hainweh”
Floor Force One (ff1) is a young producer rooted in the world’s capital of techno. Starting from a young age he has made his way through many different genres and influences. His DJ sets are uncompromising and relentlessly energetic. FF1 is trying to establish his vision of a multi-faceted and crisp sound by producing tracks that reflect a wide range of feelings and emotions. „Hainweh“ is a bouncy techno anthem. A heavy kick over some crispy acid lines. The track is a love letter to clubs, never-ending nights and all the memories and emotions which have been painfully missing during the corona pandemic. „Hainweh“ is a hard hitting, 90is inspired banger about interpersonal and seemingly endless freedom, with lovely alien vocals and just the right amount of humor.

Lucas Campagna- “Watcha Gonna Do”
Lucas Campagna was born in Naples in 2001. From a young age, he has a passion for electronic music, in particular for House and Dance Music. Despite little experience, he’s shown great technical virtue, producing and djing with both digital and analog machinery. Lucas is a very promising artist and definitely one to watch. „Watcha Gonna Do“ is a hard trance inspired banger that grooves over sexy vocals.

Karl Schwarz- “Unknown Secrets”
Karl Schwarz has been gaining recognition as a producer and DJ in the Berlin underground over the last three year. Born and raised in Berlin, Schwarz makes techno that is rough and hard. He focuses on distorted sounds and dramatic melodies. „Unknown Secrets“ is a hard, industrial techno track, carried on the one hand by a hard distorted kick and on the other by beautifully trance infused leads and a powerful bitter-sweet melody.

MERVH is a Techno DJ and producer from Turkey and currently based in Warsaw, Poland. In 2018 she became resident in ‘Luzztro’, one of Warsaws underground clubs. Since then she has been invited to gigs in and around Poland and the Ukraine. In the beginning of 2020 she started to produce her own music and already had releases on 4 VAs and collaborated with labels from France, Italy and the Uk. In March 2021 she released her debut EP “SELEM” on polish label Behind the Stage. „NYKS“ combines atmospheric sounds with a powerful drum and kick. After a long intro, the track kicks off with unexpected drum. The name of the track can be translated to night.

Substencia- “Esto Memor”
Substencia is a techno Dj and producer living in Paris. She is heavily influenced by Industrial Techno. Working with heavy basslines, psychotic distorsions and a pitch black atmosphere. “Esto Memor” a tribute to Baudelaire’s poem “L’horloge” (The Clock). It means “remember” in latin, the poem is meant to be universal, with the personal pronoun “we” in verse two which shows a common experience: “we” designates all people, but also individual experience: „remember”. The use of the imperative “remember” shows that it is not a choice, but an obligation : one can not escape time.

P RISCO- “Dirty Sucking Lips”
P RISCO is a South London based artist, DJ and producer. He’s appeared at Jaded’s after hours raves, Орфей, Fold’s unstream session in London and other venues across Europe. P RISCO’s dangerously fast style has proliferated online with mixes for Voight Kampff, Pure Hate, Falsive Records, Somnus. In August 2020 P RISCO launched his own label Chronicles Records to provide a truly sensational visual and sound sensory experience.Currently taking up a monthly residency at AAJA Deptford Radio in South East London. „Dirty Sucking Lips“ is a hypnotic acid trip of drones, heavy machines and distorted sounds.

Charly Schaller – “Better Than Sugar”
Charly Schaller has been introduced to electronic music as a raver in Berlin during a gap year. Originally from Munich she studied Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. Upon her graduation she relocated to Berlin and began DJing in venues across Berlin and Germany including about:blank, Grießmühle and Arena Club. Charly’s DJ sets are eclectic, merging different musical styles. With Edge Detection and Level Delta she has successfully promoted parties at PAL, Grießmühle and about:blank. More recently she and her collective have formed Cadillac Escalate. She has released on Alan Fitzpatrick’s „We are the Brave“. Better than Sugar“ is not sweet but opens ur eyes for a new world full of dark and bright cornes to explore something unexpected.

OZUM – “Cerebral Discord”
OZUM is a turkish-born DJ and producer based in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Her selections and productions vary around techno and electro, although she aims to keep experimenting with different genres and challenge all imaginable combinations. „Cerebral Discord“ is mainly inspired by dark ambient tones, creating the impression of being an everlasting cave where different energies flow.

Lady Maru- “Virtual Acidizer”
Lady Maru started producing music in 1994 with an electric guitar, some toy percussions and a Tascam 4 track recorder. She became quickly active as a noise guitarist and casio player for post punk and no wave bands. She started djing in 2003 at Metaverso, a small roman “cult” club and at other underground raves and parties, always trying to combine her post punk influences with techno. Her sound as a producer is mostly inspired by acid techno with industrial and ebm influences. She owns the label acid boiler coalition and works for artistic projects ranging from theater to dance performances and live bands. She has released music on GEGEN, Hydraulix, Obscuur Records, Fallen Angel Techno and many many more. „Virtual Acidizer“ is a dirty acid track over 150 bpm where Maru’s cyclone bass bot meets some dirty synths and noise samples.

ottoman.grüw – “Cometa // Crash”
ottoman.grüw is a multi-faceted live-performer and producer. Floating at the crossroad of punk, techno, ebm, electronica and rave, the sound of ottoman.grüw contains a disorienting vitality, blurring the lines between underground dance and experimental. Performing and producing since 2017, ottoman.grüw’s compositions are rich of abrasive textures and industrial percussions. On stage, ottoman.grüw creates an immersive experience using hardware drum machines, mystical voice samples and synthesizers. They has released material on various record labels around Europe and North America, oscillating between harsh and more polished electronic sounds. His releases have been supported by the likes of Thomas P.Heckmann, D.Carbone, Hadone and many more. Ottoman.grüw’s also initiated the Montreal Dances Against Borders, a compilation against borders and state and policy brutality and aims to raise funds for the human rights organization “Solidarity Across Borders”.

„Cometa // Crash“ – Most comets are small Solar System bodies with elongated elliptical orbits that take them close to the Sun for a part of their orbit and then out into the further reaches of the Solar System for the remainder. Comets usually have a wide range of orbital periods, ranging from several years to potentially several millions of years. The speed at which the comets entered the atmosphere, combined with the magnitude of energy created after initial contact, allowed smaller molecules to condense into the larger macro-molecules that served as the foundation for life. Many comets collided with Earth in its early stages, and fear of comets is often considered as signs of impending doom.

Bløødshed – “Anxiety Type”
BLØØDSHED is a talented DJ and sound producer from Ukraine, working in such genres as industrial techno, hardcore, schrantz, rhythmic noise. She loves heavy sounds, as heavy as her soul. She believes that there is “technotherapy”, as she has been doing it for more than one year. Since childhood, she studied various genres, even those that few people have heard of. Unusual, cold – this is BLØØDSHED. Expect some heavy stompers and broken dance floors.

Vendex – “Malebolge”
Vendex has found his way, the path of Techno, with a philosophy that envelops him in a cloak of darkness. Influenced by the literature of Dante Alighieri in his work the Divine Comedy, as well as everything related to history, Vendex comes with the intention of creating a path to an inner journey wrapped in dark melodies, blunt and sharp bass that defy the natural , reaching supernatural sounds that touch or even reach what would be the sound of the underworld. Generating sounds that guide the Dantesque idea of a trip in the underworld with the aim of reaching paradise. All this through a forceful and enveloping sound, this creating a path to the nine levels of hell, purgatory and finally reaching paradise.

In Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Malebolge (/mæl ˈboʊldʒ/) is the eighth circle of Hell. Roughly translated from Italian, Malebolge means “evil ditches”. Malebolge is a large, funnel-shaped cavern, itself divided into ten concentric circular trenches or ditches. Each trench is called a bolgia (Italian for “pouch” or “ditch”). Long causeway bridges run from the outer circumference of Malebolge to its center, pictured as spokes on a wheel. At the center of Malebolge is the ninth and final circle of hell.


Full Track Streaming:


Floor Force One – “Harder Podcast #042”

Karl Schwarz – “DURCH Podcast No 35”

MERVH – “New Brvtalism No. 286”

Substencia – “45 Minutes Of Techno”

Charly Schaller – “DURCH Podcast No 54”

Lady Maru – “Dark Underground Podcast 346”

ottoman.grüw – “TRNS-cast 025”

Bløødshed – “Rave Session #138”

Vendex – “Voight-Kampff Podcast – Episode 135”


Karl Schwarz’ “Spasmodic Craving EP” on Normative
Karl Schwarz’ “She Walks Away EP” on selected
“Queen Of The Night (Radio Slave Remix)” by Charly Schaller feat. Dani DeLion on He.She.They. Records
“Queen Of The Night EP” by Charly Schaller feat. Dani DeLion on He.She.They. Records
“Black Templars EP” by Vendex & Rich In Harmonics” on Substantiv
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