28th July 2021: Arch 0.4 @ :// about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Arch 0.4


Date & Time:
09th July 2021 at 05:00pm rescheduled
28th July 2021 at 04:00pm


Inland & Magna Pia live
Toxido Mask live
Ignez live
DJ Mandingo


:// about blank, Berlin (Germany)


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Press Info:
Arch returns this summer with our next installment of live electronic concerts, this time in the beautiful and freshly renovated setting of about blank’s garden. Expect experimental electronics, electro-acoustic signals, cosmic-dub, and transcendent frequencies.

As we prepare for the release of our next curated album, ‘As We Descend’, on cassette and digital (arch002), we are delighted to present three live debuts for this summer’s first event, guided by our DJ for the evening, Mandingo, aka Monty Luke.

Arch co-founder Inland takes to the stage with Magna Pia for the first time ever, delivering an exclusive hardware-only live show. Similarly, sound-designer and experimental artist Julia Lipniewicz aka Toxido Mask performs her first-ever live performance, while Eerste Communie resident and Somov label curator Ignez will also debut a special live set for the occasion.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Inland – “Vinculum 001/07”

Magna Pia – “Reclaim Your City 438”

Toxido Mask – “Corner Klub 22”

Ignez – “Eerste Communie #024”


all featured stuff on Inland’s Counterchange Recordings
“An Invitation To Disappear” by Inland & Julian Charrière on A-Ton
Inland’s “Metatlantic” on Black Crow Records
Inland’s “Time Leak EP” on Figure
Magna Pia’s “Tocharian EP” on Soma Records
Magna Pia’s “Narcissist EP” on Soma Records
Magna Pia’s “Eostre EP” on Soma Records
Magna Pia’s “Daiauna” on Feral Note
compilation “Life On Small Planets” on Arch


Inverted Audio


Sweat Lodge Agency
:// about blank


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