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Julian Muller feat. MRD


Fall In Love EP






Release Date:
12th May 2021


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Fall In Love

Tell Me You Are Here

Fall In Love
(The Rework)



Press Info:
Created by french DJ and producer Julian Muller, NALI was conceived to become a platform for the open-hearted and creative multitude of today’s new wave of electronic music. Pioneering sounds turn into the memento of a generation with a strong lust for change, new ways of thinking and intersectional awareness.

NALI is an original voice of the spirit of time, straight-through different communities by having a consistent commitment to eclecticism. A unique creative platform to release critically acclaimed music, amplified by different crafts and the cultural pioneers of today.


Being the central element of each drop, the music reflects today’s new wave of electronic music. Focusing on young and emerging talent, while centring on the voices of creatives that are often underrepresented. The releases share the same mindset and spirit, but come from an organically growing roster of a diverse range of artists.

The ongoing photography collaboration is a NALI project to document contemporary culture.The work additionally manifests the values of the label, produced by young talent itself which articulates its own visions, passions, and anxieties.

The music video is a key part in an approach that envisions the voice of the new generation. It is also a favoured craft to share the inspiring parts of the creative process and collaborations within the NALI community.

The regular merch drops will be elevated by an annual apparel capsule collection collaborating with the next generation brands and young designer talent. Starting from 2022.

The imprint’s output expands beyond the usual logic of musical releases. Transgressing the format of EPs and LPs, NALI turns each drop into a manyfold set of tangible and non-tangible artefacts.

With artworks and others creative endeavours accompanying each release, NALI creates a world that speaks many languages.

Each of the artefacts then becomes an invitation: to listen, to see and to participate.

NALI is co-creation, a multitude, a wave – a practice of holding space.

The full drop of NALI1 is taking place throughout the month of April holding:
● Vinyl and digital EP by Julian Muller & MRD
● NALI 1 series by photographer Antoine Grenez
● ‘Fall in love’ Official music video by Desillusion
● ‘Tell me you are here’ Official music video by Zephir Moreels
● ‘On the sly series’ captured from inside videos by Zephir Moreels
● Apparel pieces by NALI team

With the verve of the early onset of a love affair, Julian Muller’s and MRD’s first release on NALI isn’t shy of evoking deep feelings on the backdrop scattered bass lines.

The four-track EP draws from transcendental soundscapes and blends them with well-crafted solid techno.

Hopeful, revolutionary and yet club driven, the vocals are pop-leaning with a hint of the aesthetics of popularized club culture that came up in the late 90ies.

A promising kick-start for the freshly conceived label and its musical agenda.

Julian Muller
Julian Muller’s progression into the techno scene has been marked by an eclectic odyssey though genre defying soundscapes.

Hailing from France, via Berlin and now currently based in Brussels, he crafted his sonic aesthetic as a vinyl selector and has since produced his own signature sound that has led to the release of his debut album on Lobster Theremin alongside precious releases on notable imprints KAOS and A.R.T.S.

Julian just launched his new imprint NALI with the aim to push his vision and creative spirit to support artists to grow within the strength of a unique creative platform.

Straight out from Oslo, MRD is the artist on everyone lips and playlists since a few months.

With his incredible combo of new wave, hard drums and melancholic vocals, he’s obviously bringing some fresh ideas to the scene.

His dancefloor “Dave Ghan-ish” tune “Save Me Another time” could be what future pop will look like.

After a well received EP on A.R.T.S and a few on his label Auto., he’s preparing all his next releases in order to keep sharing his super eclectic vibe around.

Antoine Grenez
A project coming to life through the collaborative vision of the photographer and the label. Documenting artists and community in their environment and capturing their universe by showing the creative process, lifestyle and the culture they created.

The work manifests the values of the label and aims to contribute to a deeper connection between audience and artist. The concept also provides a substantial part of the imprints visual language and is a factor in the creative direction of the apparel.

An annual collection of curated photos of previous drops comes together in a yearly changing key city of the community. The exposition will be a reflection of modern culture produced by young talent itself.

*The start of the project got interrupted by COVID19. Facing travel bans and a closed cultural life left the team unable to document NALI 1 according to the creative guidelines. For this reason the concept has been altered to a form which brings the artists in an alternative way together on the pictures. The team will follow this creative angle as long travel restrictions are in place and culture is closed.

Antoine Grenez is a multidisciplinary artist from Brussels. With some solid documentary projects to his credit, Antoine has recently turned to research where reality and fiction merge. His work has taken on a strange character, on the edge of the known world, seeking an almost extraterrestrial exoticism in his images. The search for a certain strangeness, a need for narrative fiction, follows him during his projects.

He has exhibited his research in several places such as Room254, Contretype, MAD, Galerie Satellite, C12 or the Moonens Foundation.

Photographer at Vice Belgium for almost two years, this work allows him to connect with inspiring cultural initiatives and alternative scenes to determine the message they want to convey.

He is part of the artistic direction of the multidisciplinary collective Chanoirs. His current research is pushing him towards anthropological and cognitive studies linked to the world of clubbing, with the aim of recognizing the night in the cultural field.

Desillusion is a creative company specialized in art direction and video production for recognized emerging artists.

Aiming to be the creative agency that will always be one step ahead, from graphic concept, unusual and unsettling stories to technical experiments.

Zephir Moreels
Sharing the basic parts of the creative process through video art to inspire and interact with the community. The abstract visualisation creates a unique documentation of the artistic approach and collaborations between the artists on the platform.

The purpose of the video series is to connect the audience to the NALI vision by giving them sneak peeks of the process and collaboration happening within the platform Zéphir Moreels is a Franco-Belgian artist and director working mainly in the visual arts such as illustration, video and graphic arts.

His graphic work takes interest in the relevance of the gesture, the instinctive. “A Devil Jumping Around”, his first documentary film on the theme of paganism in Lithuania, co-produced with sound artist Alban Mercier, perfectly represents the artist’s universe.

Fascinated by animism and the representations of the forces of nature through myths and beliefs, his work revolves around a pronounced universe mixing psychosis and dreams, from which he seeks to provoke the viewer to let his own interpretation disturb his imagination.

Created by french DJ and producer Julian Muller, NALI was conceived to become a platform for the open-hearted and intersectional multitude of today’s new wave of electronic music. Pioneering sounds turn into the politics of a generation with a strong lust for change, new ways of thinking and intersectional awareness.

Nothing less than the sound of a new generation is what NALI brings to our attention. Intersectional in its approach, the label seeks to be a platform for the voice of a new generation of artists.

Diverse, critical and hopeful – here music renders the soundtrack of a revolution that has just begun to sprout across the globe since the beginning of the decade. The sound of this new wave germinates in the niches and subsets of culture, where tomorrows mindsets are already today’s realities. The sound of this new wave comes in many shapes.

Drawing from the experience of a generation that grew up with globally available communication technologies, community and collaboration are at the core of NALI’s approach to creativity. The independent imprint focuses on young and emerging talents while centring on the voices of creatives that are often underrepresented. Rather than the mere critique of a status quo, it is time to counteract engrained power structures by opening our minds to a new understanding of what it means to be in the world and thus care for each other.

The artistic vision of NALI takes the stance of a direly needed critique of race, class, gender and sexuality as obsolete power structures. It juxtaposes this critique with a creative approach that embodies and envisions an erotics of cultural output. In other words, it’s a wave of change gone sound.




Full Track Streaming:


“Tell Me You Are Here”

“Fall In Love”


Julian Muller – “Artaphine Series 061”

MRD – “EXHALE Records Launch Party”


MRD’s “Superwoman 2.0” on ARTS Records
MRD’s “Flowers Of Flesh And Blood” on AUTO
MRD’s self-released “Uttarakhand”
Julian Muller’s “Flower Coaster EP” on 10 Pills Mate
Julian Muller’s “Playing With The Devil” on Lobster Theremin
Julian Muller’s “Prosperity On Mars” on Lobster Theremin
Julian Muller’s self-released EP “Unrestricted”
Julian Muller’s “Frustration” on ARTS
sampler “Gemstones • Sapphire” w/ Julian Muller track on RAW
sampler “Bleached Punk” w/ Julian Muller track on Kaos
compilation “Melt The Pot” w/ Julian Muller track on United For Equity
BXTR’s “Automata” w/ Julian Muller remix on Primus Recordings


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