[Special]: Tronic Tales Interview With CEO Of NovaFuture May 2020


Tronic Tales – Der NovaFuture Blog


In May 2020 Jürgen aka the CEO Of NovaFuture talked with the Tronic Tales guys about music, the blog, the label and more (only available in German)


Interview @ Spotify
Interview @ Deezer
Interview @ Apple Podcasts


Selected Tracks:
1. Depeche Mode – “Enjoy The Silence (Live 1993)”

2. Depeche Mode – “I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix)”

3. Silicon Teens – “Memphis Tennessee”

4. Luke Slater – “Are You There?”

5. S.I. Futures – “Eurostar”

6. Non Reversible – “UVCeti”


CEO Of NovaFuture
Tronic Tales


© Original Photo Of the CEO Of NovaFuture by Laura Herz

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