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The Almighty Will Always Have His Eye On You


Khemia Records




Release Date:
08th January 2021


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The Almighty Will Always Have His Eye On You


Press Info:
This is the the single, releasing worldwide on Friday 8th January from the forthcoming debut album by Prophän released on Khemia on 15th January 2021. Exclusive Bandcamp pre-order.

Prophän is the solo electronic music project of Othman Cherradi, based in Casablanca, Morocco. Cherradi runs the experimental techno label Rhadâb and is the co-founder, alongside Nova Ouacheb, of Mindless a series of live events, podcasts and radio broadcasts.

Prophän acknowledges a wide spectrum of musical inspirations, ranging from industrial and post-punk to the undeniable influence of local trance-inducing musical practices and customs that surround him in North Africa.

In Cherradi’s own words “This album is a culmination of all those influences and was formed at the beginning of the pandemic, a time of great confusion where I felt creating something new and authentic was the only way to get past the feelings of emptiness and impending doom. It is an attempt to bridge between islamo-sufism and industrial music . It was made with religious fear as a main motivation, the world is crumbling apart, the judgement day is nearing, repent before it’s too late”.




Full Track Streaming:
“My Love Was Not Enough”

“Beauty Is A Major Sin”

“May Khunzub Spoil Your Prayers”



“Mindless Podcast #005”


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