[Special]: NovaFuture Blog Mixes/Live Sets 2020




2020 is finally over….. 9 months without clubs, without meeting friends … what a shitty year. But great to got some nice music and mixes/live sets.

We continued our regular series, the “ABC plays XYZ” series & “Visual Mix Series” or “Music & Interview” which included mixes – unfortunately we did not have new instalments for our series “Club Portraits”.

All DJs in order of “appearance” (used for different series): MSKD, Axkan, Kandy K, Phara, Boyd Schidt, Bollmann, LEE, Mejle, Manuel Münster, V/sions, Sekulahr, Jan Wagner, Kontinum, Frankie Bromley, Altrd Being, Reshift, DJ Final Rehab & K_arim, Daniel Miller, Lenny Posso, Justine Perry, Shaleen, Flug, Patrick Dre, VERWIRRT, Hertz Collision, Hephaistos, Rosa Anschütz, Strathy, Alexskyspirit, William Arist, Cristian Vogel, Less Distress, dotwav, Ferdinger, Below Surface, Achat, Magna Pia and our CEO Of NovaFuture.




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