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what a shitty year. We guess no one is happy with it… but there were a lot of nice releases this year, so there is some hope.

Most of the tracks were just played via your home sound system and not in clubs. What a shame!

Nevertheless we hope to hear these tracks and more new ones in 2021.

Please keep supporting your favourite artist, favourite label etc etc by buying and playing their tracks on your favourite platform.

Here is a selection of tracks & releases we enjoyed this year.


Rosa Anschütz – “In Spate”
[from QLR008]

Auto-Pilot – We Will Remember”
[from BRQ132]

Gewalt – “What Can I Do”
[from NOVAF003V]

DRIADA – “Veins Like The Lightning”
[from ROUTINE007]

ED1999 – “Pandemonium (Vocal Original)”
[from PORPAX04]

Die Selektion – “Herzschlag Der Figur”
[from WANA-02]

Evil Dust – “Desolation”
[from CRAVE001]

Luca Eck feat. Benzii – “Ghost Town”
[from COUP016.2]

Dahlia – “Lethal Passion”
[from K017]

HKKPTR – “Unterwerfung”
[from A+W LIV]

Peryl – “Nichts Ausser Dich”
[from SPT003]

T99 – “Anasthasia (Chris Liebing Reactivated Remix)”
[from ARKIO05]

Głós – “Palais (Cut Veins)”
[from DREACD35]

Introversion – “Aquila Rift”
[from K018]

Hephaistos – “Discharge”
[from MUTTERVA001]

Black Mirror Park – “Basic Impact (Dreamy Mix)”
[from BESURE023]

Repressed Mind – “Driving To North”
[from SCLPTRS007]

Shaleen – “Consolidation (New Frames Remix)”
[from SEELEN008]

Verschwender – “When She Begins To Sway”
[from SPTVA01]

Hioll – “Silver Bullets (Fractions Remix)”
[from ABS029]

Cyan85 – “Data Lag”
[from VOILP03]

The Marquis – “Poison”
[from 9RS106]

Rezystor – “Untergang”
[from CVPH01]

Falling Apart – “X Æ A-12”
[from SELECTEDVA001]

Cérémonie – “Transe”
[from ESCAPISMD002]

Arthur Robert – “Cautious”
[from FIGUREX20]

Black Asteroid – “Autogenic Exertion Of Power”
[from TR003]

MSKD – “High Treason”
[from MSKDR03]

Lifka – “Lost Tribes”
[from ATNMVA003]

SDB – “Untitled17”
[from NAS001]

Ferdinger – “Vertigo (Raär Remix)”
[from LIP003]

Tsorn – “Psycho Bitch (Stigmatique Remix)”
[from REEN005]

Don Woezik – “Acceleration”
[from ISMVA002.1]

Opål – “New World Order (Inhalt Der Nacht Remix)”
[from VNR040]

Egotot – “Thrust (Verschwender Remix)”
[from SCHIMMER002]

Narciss – “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”
[from SEELEN006]

Backyard Aliens – “Ende”
[from NOVAF006D]

Sustention – “Sun (Introversion Remix)”
[from K019d]

Thomas P. Heckmann – “Fuck The System”
[from LIXVA001]

Nur Jaber feat. Kara – “Love Is In The Air (Perc Remix)”
[from OSF010]


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