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Neon Graveyard


This Mind Is A Warzone EP






Release Date:
16th October 2020




This Mind Is A Warzone

Rave After Death

This Mind Is A Warzone
(Wallis Remix)

Rave After Death
(Rezystor’s Raveyard Remix)


Press Info:
After releasing his debut EP “Sex & Suicide” on the French imprint Måinmise Records earlier this year, the promising newcomer Neon Graveyard ventures further into increasingly high octane and industrial soundscapes, resulting in the appropriately titled “This mind is a warzone”, out on October 16th via WAHN.

The title track opens with the artist´s signature blend of heavily distorted, rumbling basslines and a raw, percussive drum foundation, creating an atmosphere of restless agony and euphoric misery. Fusing early Hardcore influences with contemporary Techno advancements, the piece develops both a full range of sizzling tops and a dominant low end supported by detuned synth stabs and FX shots.

Building on the original’s pace and dystopian tendencies, JELL label founder and Berlin resident Wallis showcases her distinctive brand of unrelenting Industrial Techno in her featured recut. The track kicks off with a vibrant, bass-heavy pad before launching into an array of carefully overdriven drum patterns, howling synth lines and vigilant ecstasy.

The second original track “Rave after Death” advances the harsh and sinister aura of the previous titles, consolidating unsettling choir pads, processed vocal snippets and a driving, cutthroat bassline. Offbeat rides and a vicious snare and rimshot treatment additionally emit a more 90s, old-school characteristic.

Cologne-based Techno heavyweight Rezystor concludes the EP with his ,,Raveyard Remix” of the previous inclusion. Further developing the lead bassline and adding more convoluted, acidy synth sequences, the piece intensifies the tension and subtle melancholy of the original.

The EP artwork is an homage to the film classic ,,American Psycho”. It follows the narrative of a suicidal and dementic protagonist, finding the only relief of his delusion in physical fusion. It showcases the parallels between orgiastic fusion and the idea of death (petit mort).

With the release of WAHN003 the young label increases it´s catalogue of quality publications with an unmistaken focus on the more avant-garde and subversive dancefloors in the Techno space. Follow wahn.label on social media for updates on releases, podcasts and events!

“This mind is a warzone” will be available on October 16th 2020 on Bandcamp and on every streaming platform.

— Text by Florian Lohnhardt —


Full Track Streaming:


“Sex & Suicide EP” by Neon Graveyard on Måinmise Records
“Lost In Ether EP” by Earthscape & KE:NT on Wahn
“Mit Liebe Und Gewalt Akt I” by KE:NT on Wahn


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