14th October 2020: Arch 0.3 @ Prince Charles, Berlin (Germany)


Arch 0.3


Date & Time:
14th October 2020 at 07:00pm


Amandra live
Fred Mann live
Perm live
Johanna Knutsson DJ


Prince Charles, Berlin (Germany)


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For our third edition we welcome live acts Amandra, Fred Mann and Perm, alongside our DJ for the night Johanna Knutsson.

French born Ahrpe records curator Amandra will present a special new live set fuelled by his love for textural synthscapes, drone, submerged techno and the more left-field alcoves of acid, deconstructing and rearranging his sound to fit a concert setting with his hardware setup.

Hotly tipped British producer Fred Mann released his vinyl debut on Inland’s Counterchange label earlier this year, with the bell-like harmonies and cut up IDM of ‘Nacre.’ Sitting on a goldmine of unreleased material, in the studio his work gyrates between nerve-tingling washes of noise and glistening Aphex Twin-referencing electronica.

Resident at Leipzig’s much loved IfZ, Perm is also a keen synthesis enthusiast, with a wave of melodic and perfectly-dubbed techno records on labels like Kann and LACKREC under his belt. Perm’s live show for arch will bring his studio workflow to the stage, ushering a deeply spaced abstraction out of his machines.

Swedish-born Berliner by-choice Johanna Knutsson is a multi-talented producer, DJ and label owner (UFO Station / Zodiac 44). Especially suited to arch thanks to her penchant for experimental, sensitive future music, check her releases on Kontra Music, Envelope Audio and Lapsus Records for more.

arch is a series of live electronic concerts in the comfortable and responsible environment of PRINCE CHARLES. Each month three live acts transmit their personal take on post-club ambience, experimental, minimalist and avant-garde music.

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Amandra – “vurt podcast 04”

Fred Mann – “Inverted Audio Agency Mix”

Perm – “Mantissa Mix 164”

Johanna Knutsson – “MUTEKLIVE207”


Inverted Audio


Sweat Lodge Agency
Prince Charles


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