[Compilation Premiere]: Various – Various Artist 001 [Bipolar Disorder]




Endrew – “Virtual Resilience”

Apothicaire – “Reprisals”

BYLLY – “Third Floor”

Chlär – “They Secretly Like It”

DJ Anxiety – 12For Charles”

Giselh feat. TheseShapes – “Mindless”

Mowgli – “Hyperefficiency”

Niclas Erlandsson – “Khömei Katharsis”

Sekulahr – “Trawling”

Sour Lips – “Poisoned Candy”

The Chronics – “Under The Spell”

The Sixties Shift – “Danger Chamber”

Verschwender – “Trakt I”

Voicedrone – “Intercourse In Living Room”


Bipolar Disorder


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compilation “Various Artist 001”


Bipolar Disorder


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