out now: Various – Uncertain Landscape (Part 1) [Gradient]




Uncertain Landscape (Part 1)






Release Date:
28th September 2020


vinyl & digital


Abyssal Surge

Arthur Kimskii

Wrong Assessment
The Eight

Electric Indigo


Press Info:
Berlin techno luminary Jamaica Suk announces her most ambitious project yet: Uncertain Landscape.

This 17-track, 4x 12” vinyl release on her acclaimed Gradient label will be released in four installments from Autumn to Winter 2020 and brings together a host of diverse techno talent.

She will release a DJ mix featuring all 17 tracks to complete the series accompanied by a film from Anthony Vouardoux. The project is made up of a wishlist of names whose music she has been heavily supporting in her sets over the last few years. “​I wrote specific producers inquiring for tracks that would be fitting to the label and also fit the DJ mix that I’m recording from these tunes. I’m looking to promote music that shares the same vision as I do.​”

It marks the first original releases on Gradient from producers other than herself, which is a change of tact from her original plan for her imprint. “​Initially I wanted to only release my music on Gradient including remixes – but it doesn’t make sense as there’s so much inspiration out there. By expanding the label’s network we create our own tribe.”

Jittery rhythms with a touch of ‘Spastik’ about them propel ​BNJMN​’s ‘Abyssal Surge’ into life, with a big riverbed sound abounding as the track builds through haunting sustained tones and glitching mechanics.

Arthur Kimskii thundering ‘Natasha’ pummels from the first moment, with shuddering sub bass carving its way through the sound field as hypnotic bleeps pulse in the distance. Rapid-fire. Filtering percussive waves accentuate the bassline’s incessant 16ths rhythms, all the while the resonant kicks hammering away beneath.

Wrong Assessment’s ‘The Eight’ is a dissonant avalanche of warped textures, where grunting synth thrusts rub up against industrious pulses and chattering hi-hat patterns weave in and out of the mix. Stuttering bass and cymbal rides complete the urgent feel.

Introspective respite comes from Electro Indigo’s ‘Volcanite’, a stirring piece of broken beat experimentation where graceful pads slide hauntingly over taut kick and bass patterns and beautiful ghostly analog synth notes.

Look out for parts 2-4 coming soon and special audio + visual showcases.




Full Track Streaming:
Electric Indigo – “Volcanite”

Wrong Assessment – “The Eight”


BNJMN – “Vurt Podcast 21”

Arthur Kimskii – “Curated by DSH #055”

Wrong Assessment – “Cérémonie Podcast 005”

Electric Indigo – “Sounds From NoWhere Podcast #111”


Related Releases:
sampler “Uncertain Landscape Part 2”
sampler “Uncertain Landscape Part 3”
sampler “Uncertain Landscape Part 4”


BNJMN’s “Hypnagogia” on Delsin Records
Electric Indigo’s “Seven EP” on HET Records
Wrong Assessment’s “De Astrologia” on Counterchange Recordings
Gradient releases


Buy Vinyl:
Jamaica Suk @ Bandcamp
Red Eye Records
more soon


Buy Digital:




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