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The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel EP  


Not At Sine Records




Release Date:
29th September 2020




Exhausted Journey

Hellfire Club


Semantic Memory

The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel



Press Info:
Aero hailing from Dublin, Ireland makes his mark on the Not At Sine label with their third release in his uncompromising but distinct sound of pacey and atmospheric techno. Aero has been knocking around the Dublin club scene for the last number of years. Making his presence felt through his robust and frantic DJ sets, we see this clearly translated into his production style. Aero boasts a distinct style that lies halfway between euphoria and rave. In an impressive debut six track EP Aero showcases his style at the speed he’s most fond of, 140 bpm and above. Pounding kicks and brisk percussion reminiscent of techno from the likes of Player and The Advent can be found throughout the EP. The real Aero stamp comes from the euphoric pads, raucous hoovers, spaced out bleeps and loopy vocal hits.  
The lead track ‘Exhausted Journey’ starts off with a powerful kick and a rolling baseline before transcending into a euphoric number as the dominant pads and dubby bleeps arrive. The track serves as a big opener and a dominant first track. The Ep then moves into a more rave fueled track entitled ‘Hellfire Club’. Driving percussion, grooving hats and a strong vocal hit makes this a perfect peak time club track. The introduction of a sinister hoover and creeping pad display Aero’s rougher side. Moving swiftly onto to a percussion heavy loopy tool ‘Hypervigilance’, this starts off in a relentless fashion with a pounding kick and crisp hats. The track is driven by its ever-grooving percussion and a looped vocal. The listener is then introduced to a strong beep sound as well as euphoric yet creepy pads. This one is essential for peak time destruction. ‘Semantic Memory’ see’s Aero take a more melodic approach but none the less is still jammed with a hefty bass drum as well as crunching perc’s and hats. The Detroite esque hit drives the track while the swelling pads create an elated atmosphere, but the listener can still be left with an on-edge sort of feeling. The title track ‘The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel’ is as gleeful distorted journey. The track consisting of just drums and pads, is a unique passage of euphoria. Distorted percussion and textured perc’s drive the track whilst spaced out pads and vocal leave the listener in a daze. The Ep finishes on a blissful note with ‘Vitiate’. Ever present high end coming from sharp hats, perc’s and the tronik break make for a strong groove. The introduction of large dubby pads and a dinky synth create an elated vibe which carries the listener on jubilant trip. 


Full Track Streaming:


“Out-System Podcast 148”


compilation “2down” on Not At Sine Records
compilation “1down” on Not At Sine Records


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