out now: Juan Sanchez | Vinicius Honorio – Super Sound Tool #4 [Super Sound Tool]


Juan Sanchez | Vinicius Honorio


Super Sound Tool #4


Super Sound Tool




Release Date:
07th July 2020




Juan Sanchez
Rude Request

Vinicius Honorio
Pode Crer
[feat. Leo Dos Reis]


Press Info:
Fiedel launches SUPER SOUND TOOL, a series that puts BIG SOUND before BIG NAMES. SUPER SOUND TOOL, the new FIEDEL II sub label, is dedicated to perfectly crafted, yet playful, techno tracks for those DJs who still mix vinyl in the club.

All tracks are dance floor approved.

This series targets die-hard vinyl fans and is devoted to the kind of wax that Fiedel wishes he’d find more often when digging in a record store himself.

All lathes are carefully executed in 45 rpm in order to guarantee both maximal loudness and optimal sound quality. The fact that the grooves are cut wider than they would be for a standard 33 rpm 4-tracker makes it possible to deliver the music at a higher volume.

This process improves the signal-to-noise ratio while practically eliminating background noise. Another advantage of producing records with the method used to cut MAXI SINGLES back in the days is that it provides an enhanced frequency range, as well as greater dynamics – a big advantage both for vinyl DJs and audiophiles.

Besides the technical aspects, releasing tracks as 45 rpm Maxis makes it possible to press longer numbers, as the complete surface of the record is used just for one track.

Similarly to the various tools in a toolbox having different purposes, the SUPER SOUND TOOL series features different styles of techno that cater for the raver’s needs on the dance floor.




Full Track Streaming:
Juan Sanchez – “Rude Request”


Juan Sanchez – “United We Stream at Shelter Amsterdam May 2020”

Vinicius Honorio – “NUDE Mix 014”


split EP “Super Sound Tool #3” by JANEIN | Lucas Vazz
Super Sound Tool #2″ by Espen Lauritzen | Philippe Petit
split EP “Super Sound Tool #1” by Mode_1 | Duncan Macdonald


Buy Vinyl:
more soon


Juan Sanchez
Vinicius Honorio
Fiedel, head of Super Sound Tool


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