out now: Ayarcana – Cheap Rents And Haunted Houses [Cluster Node]






Cluster Node




Release Date:
14th April 2020


vinyl & digital


Cheap Rents And Haunted Houses

Humans As Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Cheap Rents And Haunted Houses
(Peryl Remix)

Cheap Rents And Haunted Houses
(Outlander Mix)


Press Info:
Ayarcana makes his debut on Cluster Node bringing with him his signature sound and style. The EP, titled ‘Cheap Rents and Haunted Houses’ (CN006) consists of two destructive original tracks and two equally crushing remixes by Peryl and Outlander.

Sinister and slightly oppressive, the title evokes a shadowy reminiscence of some of the darker facets of life in the artist’s hometown of choice, Berlin. Side A. introduces us to the two original tracks, characterized by Ayarcana’s lethal kicks, monstrous modular noise and powerful synths, they are spinning us around, forcing us to face what we went through as we look ahead.

Disorder, noise, pressure and paranoia, culminate in an electric storm, continuously upping the voltage to the next level. Ayarcana truly embodies the heavy hitting, relentless, industrial menace that he creates and routinely executes his listeners with.

Influences like hardcore punk, harsh noise and black metal have always been an undeniable presence in the artist’s sound and there is no doubt that the energy in the tracks is filled with an unsettlement and yet the effect is immediate; surrendering to mental destruction has never sounded so appealing.

On the B. side, two uncompromising remixes of ‘Cheap Rents and Haunted Houses’ continue the EP. Peryl’s version immediately transports the listener to a dystopian landscape of menacing atmospheres and sharp, distorted noises, while Outlander’s interpretation completes the EP with a brutal storm of rave energy ready to tear down the club, taking no prisoners.

Four outright dance floor assassins.


Full Track Streaming:


“Âught Mix”


split EP “GEGEN001” on Gegen Records


Buy Vinyl:
Cluster Node @ Bandcamp
Red Eye Records
more soon

Buy Digital:
Cluster Node @ Bandcamp
more soon


RAW Agency for Ayarcana


Cluster Node


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