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About the concept:
Here is the hundredth(!) instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers. or released on a label (and its sublabels. and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Today we present you Reshift’s mix of stuff produced or remixed by Oliver Chesler, better known as The Horrorist.


About Reshift:
Once upon a time, there was a guy named Justin. That‘s me, also known as Reshift, born and raised in the Ruhr area. … Co-Founder of Purify Records & Co-Founder of Acid Wave Records


About Oliver Chesler:
The Horrorist, Oliver Chesler is one of the best known and loved electronic musicians.

Recording since 1989 he and has released over 80 12″ singles and 5 full length albums. He had a Number 1 hit on the German Dance Charts (DDC) with the song “One Night in NYC” and his album “Manic Panic” went to Number 1 on the German Alternative Chart (DAC). The scope of his music catalog is huge and he has recorded for every major label (Universal, Sony, Warner, etc…) and all the best known techno labels (Tresor, Gigolo, Industrial Strength, Neue Heimat, Credo, etc..). The Horrorist has worked with the biggest names in techno including Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, The Hacker, Arnaud Rebotini, Marc Acardipane, Black Asteriod, John Selway, Frankie Bones, Ricardo Villalobos, Haujobb, Alex Bau, Radical G, Frank Kvitta, DJ Rush and more have all remixed and produced with The Horrorist. His subsequent albums “Attack Decay” (2007), “Joyless Pleasure” (2011) and “Fire Funmania” (2013) have been met rave reviews! He is currently working on his 6th studio album called “Separate Dimension” due late 2018 on the Berlin based Aufnahme und Wiedergabe. The first single from Separate Dimension is called Programmed and has been remixed by Silent Servant, Thomas P. Heckmann and Lado.

Although dance orientated most of his songs have vocals and usually progress to a crescendo at or near the end. Music journalist of the Village Voice and several books on electronic music, Simon Reynolds called Oliver Chesler “My favorite contemporary American singer-songwriter.”. A wide range of influences from Depeche Mode to Leonard Cohen to DAF factor into Chesler’s song writing manifesting into a completely original sound. His ability to make song structured music work on the dance floor is a big key to his success. His vocal technique is quite original and unique. He also refuses not to stick in one genre so on any given record expect styles from indie new wave, electro, EBM, techno, to synthpunk.

Oliver Chesler also ran the famous Things to Come Records from 1995-2007. The label will start up again in 2018 with the team behind Killikill and Flexiwave (Metabanana Airforce Distribution). “

Things To Come does exactly what the name suggests, and that gives the future something to look forward for…..” – Frankie Bones

The Horrorist is a sensational live act. A mixture of industrial attitude and punk style with synth-techno music. Playing a set that goes from minimal or new wave all the way to hardcore and everything in between, there is something for everyone. But the biggest thing about the Horrorist’s sets is the interactivity that comes with having a live performer that a crowd is capable of understanding. The show is comprised of Chesler’s in your face vocals, video projection and live drum machine and synth. The Horrorist performs regularly around the world and has played in every major nightclub and for most major event organizations. He’s wowed crowds from LA to Malta. Definitely something else, check it out if at all possible!!

The Horrorist is one of those unique artists that only come around once in a while. He is a big influence on the electronic music scene and will be for years to come.


Listen & Download:
“Reshift plays Oliver Chesler” (download coming soon)


Reshift About His Choice:
While living in Berlin for the past 5 years, I didn’t come around meeting Jürgen at the local nightlife. We first met during an Aufnahme+Wiedergabe night at Tresor. One of the main acts this night was The Horrorist. While drinking the fourth Moscow Mule at the bar with Jürgen, we realized that we are into the same kind of music and both dig the work of Oliver Chesler and all of his aliases. Shortly after meeting Jürgen at Tresor that night, he asked me to do a mix for his ABC plays XYZ series on NovaFuture.

While thinking back and forth for days what kind of mix I will do, the conclusion was staring into my face the entire time – „Reshift plays Oliver Chesler“. I chose to play Oliver’s records because his work influenced and accompanied me from the very beginning of my journey of digging electronic music. The variety of his productions made me discover many artists and labels that also had a great impact on my musical development.

That said, I want to present you 50 shades of Oliver Chesler. Enjoy!


01. Oliver Chesler – Untitled Voice Message
02. Koenig Cylinders – Air Flight
03. Interview with Oliver Chesler
04. Fraulein Z – Zug Nach Herr Zimmermann (The Horrorist Remix)
05. The Horrorist – Kissing And Burning
06. The Horrorist – The Real World
07. The Horrorist – The Hell You Live
08. The Horrorist – The World Will Know Us
09. The Horrorist – Wire To The Ear
10. Radical G & The Horrorist – Here Comes The Storm
11. The Horrorist – Programmed (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)
12. The Horrorist – Mission Ecstasy 2003 (Phuture Remix)
13. The Horrorist – HSFF
14. The Horrorist – Automatic
15. The Horrorist – Sex Machine
16. Al Ferox – Effet Hypnotique (The Horrorist Remix)
17. The Horrorist – Pain And Pleasure
18. The Horrorist – The Virus (Northern Lite Remix)
19. DJ Cybersnuff – Speed Junkies
20. DJ Skinhead – Extreme Terror
21. The Horrorist – RIOT


The Horrorist’ EP “Programmed” on Aufnahme + Wiedergabe
“The Horrorist’ album “Separate Dimension” on Aufnahme + Wiedergabe
“AWR002” by Reshift & Robin Tasi on Acid Wave Records
“AWR001” by Reshift & Robin Tasi on Acid Wave Records
sampler ” Various Artists I” w/ Reshift on Purify Records


Elite Music Management for Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist


Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist


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