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Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder


All Alone (Single Mix)




MFS 71781


Release Date:
16th May 2020




All Alone
(Single Mix)


Press Info:
All Alone, is the first outtake from our forthcoming album together : Children of Nature.

Alanas Chosnau was born to a Lithuanian mother and Iraqi-Kurdish father and grew up in Baghdad. He returned to Lithuania in the 80s to be raised by his grandparents. He grew up during the Soviet era, but thankfully, the fall of communism saved him from a life in the factories and he became the singer of what would become the most successful Lithuanian pop group of the 90s, Naktinės Personos.

Mark Reeder says:
“Alanas has meanwhile achieved huge popularity and has become the most successful artist in Lithuania. I first met Alanas at the Lithuanian International film festival, and we decided to work together. Over the past few months, we have crafted together an album of retro-modern sounding love songs, which almost feel prophetic when the current Coronacrisis is considered.

All Alone is just one of those songs. We had no idea what was to come, but it seems we touched on a frequency from the future and the song appears to have been derived from a deep, inner-feeling we both had at the time. That feeling of being stuck at home, All Alone, in what is seemingly an empty apartment. The song recalls the memory of a better time, but dwells on the mental frustration of someone who is currently feeling lost and lonely, and reaching out to anyone who is in the same situation. All Alone, is dedicated to all those currently isolated at home. I produced it together with Micha Adam in Berlin.”

The full length version appears on the album “Children of Nature”.


“All Alone (Single Mix)”


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