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Cuban Chamber Of Commerce


No, Stay Away


Molten Moods




Release Date:
23rd April 2020




No, Stay Away

Crack Smokah


Press Info:
Cuban Chamber of Commerce is no desparate initiative of Fidel Castro`s party but the alias of a true-to-the-bone character from the Balkan rave metropolis Belgrade. Born into the chaos and confusion of the Yugoslav war, Žarko concludes that the only good thing for him as a kid was listening to psy-trance even though he was profoundly disappointed by his first psy-trance rave: “I was like, NATO, please bomb me again, music was too god damn loud and place was smell like ass.” Fast forward, Žarko aka Žakila as part of the infamous rap crew Bombe Devedesetih (translates Bombs of the Nineties) became a prominent figure of the Serbian underground. After the group`s split-up, Žarko shifted more towards techno and UK bass gaining regular appearances at Drugstore or Klub 20/44.

The opener of his Molten Moods two tracker “No, Stay Away” was named as such months before the Covid-19 epidemic. Nevertheless its in-your-face aggression may as well serve to socially distance most fellow human beings from you. Žarko assembles an old school acid line, knockout breakbeat kick and seductive vocal. The result is an industrial techno Frankenstein, a hideous but humanoid beast. “Crack Smokah” oscillates between Burial-esque jungle references and the force of death metal power chords. The artwork is a risograph print by Balenciaga graphic designer Emilie Ferrat. “No, Stay Away” was mixed by J.Manuel, both tracks were mastered by Beni Brachtel aka Bartellow. Nuff said, cop it, feel it.


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“Before After ‘April Fools’ Mixx”


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Cuban Chamber Of Commerce
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