15th March 2020: Delusion w/ Nastya Muravyova & Głós @ :// about blank, Berlin (Germany)




Delusion w/ Nastya Muravyova & Głós


Dates & Time:
15th March 2020 at 11:59pm


Nastya Muravyova
Głós live
Stefan Tews
Lillusion Visuals


:// about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
The audiovisual project DELUSION from Bremen delivers its own sound, all around hard and deeply grooving techno with experimental spaces in between in coherence to light and visual concepts which is all redefined on their own imprint.

Inviting NASTYA MURAVYOVA – a rising, yet brightly shining star of Kyiv’s underground scene. Bringing you a balancing mix of 4×4 techno over sharp breakbeat and slightly aggressive grooves.

Also, there will be the first appearance of the audiovisual live performance of GȽÓS and LILLUSION, who have been working out an intense interaction of Głós’ distinctive live sound and the surrealistic, graphical visuals of Lillusion.

Hosts for the night will be STEFAN TEWS and SCRIPTED.

Visual installation by nikolozka.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Nastya Muravyova – “Sumeba Miyako 15”

Głós – “Global Vibe Radio 198”

Scripted – “Larva Series Podcast 002”

Stefan Tews – “Distorted Perception Podcast 22”


Głós – “Psalm (A Handbook That Becomes A Poem)”

Głós — “Ultima”

Scripted – “High Tension”

Stefan Tews – “Arc1v”


Głós’ “Psalms” on Escapism
Głós’ “Music For Sleepovers” on Non-Print
Głós’ EP “Twenty-Seven Stabs” on Flyance Records
sampler “DLSN001” on Delusion
sampler “DLSN002” on Delusion


://about blank


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