[Mix]: Boyd Schidt – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2020


Boyd Schidt


Leon Lolishvili a.k.a. Boyd Schidt is a georgian electoronic producer and DJ, better known as a half of the long-running techno duo Greenbeam & Leon. Boyd Schidt’s music is characterised by variety of musical selections from industrial techno to soft and melancholic sounds. Artist loves synthesising different kind of sounds, and his work has been released on labels such as: Studio R, WaveReform records, Subsist records and 2529 KM. In 2014, he released “Mornig Utopia” as a part of Studio R°’s “Various 003?, alongside Mike Parker, Brendon Moeller, Zadig, Exercise One, followed by next 12”, “Structure EP” on Waveform. Nowadays, Georgia’s techno pioneer is still actively engaged in the process of composing music and DJing around the world.

He’s resident DJ at KHIDI.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2020”


01. Rommek – Crack The Whip
02. SOJ – SB02
03. Rhys Fulber – Right Hand Of The Free World (Phase Fatale Remix)
04. Nathaniel – Blood Under Nails
05. Velvet May – Though With Tears
06. Filmmaker – Extinction Wave
07. Peder Mannerfelt – Black Alert
08. Raum – Anamm Se
09. Alpha & Necromante – Falsos Positivos
10. JK Flesh – Bayley Tower (New Mix)
11. Relaxer – My Reminiscence
12. Blush Response – Acceptance By Exclusion
13. Boyd schidt – Living in absurd
14. Asymetrik – Exit Stage Left
15. Paal + Umwelt – Event Horizon
16. Unknown Artist – B4 STAUB 05


Boyd Schidt’s self-released EP “003”
Boyd Schidt’s self-released EP “002”
Boyd Schidt’s self-released EP “001”
sampler “OHNE003” w/ Boyd Schidt track on Ohne Kommerzielle Wert
compilation “Sammelwerk I” w/ Boyd Schidt track on Konflkt
“The Haze Of Dust” by Greenbeam & Leon on ATT Series
“Abandoned Tales” by Greenbeam & Leon on WaveReform Records




Boyd Schidt


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