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Luca Eck


Digital Distance EP






Release Date:
31st January 2020




Digital Distance

Digital Distance
(Umbraid Remix)


Press Info:
About Luca Eck
At just 18 years of age Luca Eck is one of the most promising talents rising from a new generation of Berlin-bred artists. Being classically trained since his early childhood, he started writing and producing electronic pop music at the age of 11, later transitioning into techno in 2017. He now aims to create a blend between the emotional appeal of popular music and the dark sound arsenal of industrial techno that paints an intimate portrait of his own experiences.

His track selections and productions feature a sound that is uncompromisingly hard, yet deeply emotional. Bright melodies hover above dystopian soundscapes and warping digital textures, a style rooted as much in nostalgia as it is futuristic. The tracks are mixed into highly energetic sets, taking you through an ever-ascending journey to brutal climaxes. Establishing a deep connection with the crowd, he is not afraid of taking unexpected turns in order to create a memorable atmosphere. In 2020 Luca Eck debuts at the renowned Griessmuehle club and starts touring internationally, frequently appearing at the acclaimed queer party DURCH. His first track “Digital Distance” was released independently in January, premiered via Amsterdam’s number one underground techno platform “Grounded.” with support by the likes of I Hate Models, Paula Temple, Gijensu & DYEN.

About Digital Distance
Written shortly after his first relationship came to an abrupt end, “Digital Distance” stems from times of hardship, brilliantly capturing the sound of a broken heart. He targets raw emotion in an increasingly artificial world, composing a study of heartache in the digital era. Apart from a monumental bass drum, the track is centered around a melody that is wistful, as if searching, yet not expecting to find. The grainy synth lead is surrounded by frantic percussion, harsh artefacts and thick layers of swirling noise. The release is completed with a remix by french producer Umbraid, featuring a longer trance-inspired reinterpretation.


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“Durch Podcast 06”


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Luca Eck


© Photo By Chris Noltekuhlmann

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