29th January 2020: Background. Codes #848484 @ Polygon, Berlin (Germany)


Background. Codes #848484


Date & Time:
29th January 2020 at 11:59pm


Saturator b2b ALF


Polygon, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
Due to the unfortunate closure of Griessmuehle in a few days, we sadly won’t be able to host our party there. But of course they don’t leave us hanging ❤ They’ve managed to provide an alternative location in such a short time and we will be celebrating the first of many „Griessmuehle im Exil“ parties at Polygon Club

For this occasion we’ve invited Stojche aka Stojche Cvetanovski. Born in Macedonia but based in Berlin now, Stojche’s music is vastly influenced by the sound of his hometown Skopje – a city described by Derrick May and Juan Atkins as “the leading hub for Detroit techno on the Balkan Peninsula”. Apart from releasing a huge amount of great records, he also co-founded Argumento Music and finally created his solo imprint Tangible Assets – the personal outlet for his heavily Detroit influenced and driving techno.

On closing duty we’ll have two of the finest diggers and DJ’s we know – Saturator & ALF. They are an integral part of the Stützpunkt crew, which have been very close friends for a couple of years and they’ve been throwing some of the wildest parties you can find in Berlin. It’s always a joy to hear them play and we’re excited to see, what aces they've got up their sleeves this time.

Opening up the night will be our resident DJ and co-founder Nostitz. Once more he’s going to ease into the night with his versatile mixing, ranging from ambient over Detroit influenced techno to rave.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Stojche – “Carpet Music: Mix Series 002”

Saturator – “Dogma Live”

Nostitz – “INSTASIS026”


EP “Higher Order Function” by Nostitz & Itoh on Controlled Violence




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