[Mix]: MSKD – NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2020




MSKD is the answer of his own techno’s vision, influences by all the electronic’s movement and subgenre, or any artists like Jeroen Search, Keith Carnal or Kangding ray.

MSKD’s project was born by the desire to make a techno for a dancefloor and characterized by a feeling, an expression of melancholia and multiples sorts of emotions. This is explained by some atmosphere with subtle tones, strong and fast rythmic with a personnal touch.

MSKD is also the owner of the imprint record label “Diligences Records”, designed for this electronic’s vision.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2020”


01. MSKD – unreleased
02. Fragment Dimension – Ventricle
03. ASEC – Solitary Predatory
04. Moteka – Final Confrontation
05. Blame The Mono – Keramos
06. Keikari – Therapy
07. Kalter Ende – Access Control
08. Vela Uniform & Blawan – Crispy
09. Rustal – Transmission
10. Fabrizio Rat – Lucid Dream
11. Moteka – Words from Xyceon
12. Kastil – Diode (Oscar Mulero Remix)
13. Kangding Ray – Polygon


MSKD’s self-released single “Acid Voice”
MSKD’s “Alea Jacta Est” on Diligences Records
MSKD’s “Solar System” on Vector Functions Records
MSKD’s “After The Death EP” on MSKDR
MSKD’s “Millions of Galaxies EP” on Diligences Records
sampler “Rave Series I” w/ MSKD track on Diligences Records
sampler “RR003” w/ MSKD track on Recollection Records
compilation “Selected Cells Vol​.​2” w/ MSKD track on Binary Cells
compilation “ISMVA001.2” w/ MSKD track on Ismus
sampler “Jaelos 01” w/ MSKD track on Jaelos
EP “Eternal Disaster” by MSKD aka Ghost Effects on C O U P
EP “World War III” by MSKD aka Ghost Effects on Eradys Records


Steer Management




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