out for a while: False Witness – In The Dark EP [self-released]


False Witness


In The Dark EP






Release Date:
23rd February 2018




In The Dark

Leather Jacket

Blanquist Scam

Blanquist Scam
(Katie Rex Remix)


Press Info:
After three previous releases of experimenting with hybrid club sounds, False Witness returns in 2018 with a new EP that aims to center their techno sensibilities. In The Dark is a 4 track journey that pulls inspiration directly from the artist’ personal experiences inside some of New York City’s underground techno destinations.

Having only alluded to his fascination with the genre in previous releases such as the Makina EP (Lit City Trax) and The Art of Fighting (GHE20G0TH1K), this marks False Witness’ first official take on the sound. In The Dark and Leather Jacket utilize two different approaches to soundtracking the dark rooms and sexual fashion proclivities of Brooklyn’s current gay scene, while Blanquist Scam is a direct nod to the artist’ radical political beliefs in a society clamoring to escape the post-truth era.

An encounter with NYC via Philadelphia artist Katie Rex led to a mutual understanding of sonic and aesthetic values shared between both artists. After having played her BOUND club night, False Witness invited Katie to lend her own production talents for a remix of the final track. Katie joins Liyo Gong (HE4RTBROKEN, Belgium), Maria Chavez, DJ Wawa & False Witness for the official EP release party at Bossa Nova Civic Club on February 24th, 2018.


Full Track Streaming:


“Cultivated Sound Sessions – CSS065”


False Witness’ “Music For Playrooms” on Jack Dept
False Witness’ “Red Curtain Daybreak” on E-Missions


Buy Digital:
False Witness @ Bandcamp
Google Play
more soon


OneTheSly for False Witness


False Witness


© Photo By Elliott Jerome

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