out now: Don Woezik – Greed Is Futile EP [Take Hit Records]


Don Woezik


Greed Is Futile EP


Take Hit Records




Release Date:
26th November 2019




Greed Is Futile

Greed Is Futile
(Electric Rescue Remix)

Greed Is Futile
(Michal Jablonski Remix)

Sector Zero

Urban Decay

Urban Decay
(Mediane Remix)

Jungle Balance


Press Info:
Don Woezick arrives at Take Hit Records with four powerful techno tracks on the EP «Greed is futile» including remixes from Electric Rescue, Michal Jablonski and Mediane.

From an early age Don Woezik transferred his previously hard-earned drumming skills to electronic devices, where his journey started to elevate as a electronic producer, DJ and promoter.

Don Woezik has had strong releases on labels such as Trau-ma, Gomboc Records, Take Hit & Ismus among others, that are being supported and played by well known artists such as Kobosil, Dax J, SHDW&Obscure Shape, Rebekah and Nur Jaber to name a few.

« Greed is Futile » announce the Ep with an Epic Track composed with an intense rolling beat articulated with dark voices and crying leads. Electric Rescue re-uses the same epic theme on a very punchy and efficient Techno. Michal Jablonski’s version re-take the voices with an industrial off-beat creating this atypical atmosphere that he has the secret.

« Sector Zero » is more acid and bewitching, the evolution of mental synths on a punchy and raw beat.

« Urban Decay » is a groovy beat with hypnotic leads. Mediane remixed this track with a deep and mezmerising techno.

Don finishes the Ep with « Jungle balance », a smooth track with hamonic path and brass on a jumping bass that reduce the pressure.


Full Track Streaming:


“Revelation Session # 132”


Buy Digital:
Take Hit Records @ Bandcamp
more soon


Don Woezik
Take Hit Records


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