20th November 2019: Background. Codes #681825 @ Griessmuehle, Berlin (Germany)


Background. Codes #681825


Date & Time:
20th November 2019 at 11:59pm


Blue Hour


Griessmuehle, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
For the last time in 2019 we’ll be heading down to Griessmuehle’s basement to celebrate a very special night with you. We’re incredibly happy to welcome no one less than Blue Hour aka Luke Standing on the decks. The UK born artist and label head is active under his alias since 2013 and has released a vast catalogue of excellent records since then, exclusively on his own self-titled label. Prone to the spirit and energy of the 90’s, his unique vision of sound lead him to play in some of the finest clubs and venues all around the globe.

On opening and closing duty will be our residents and founding fathers Nostitz and Karschau. They haven’t played together on our mid week raves since we started hosting them in Griessmuehle in March 2018. So it‘s about time and we’re glad to finally make this happen again. Nostitz will start off the night with his diverse blend, ranging from Detroit oriented Techno to Rave. Karschau will take over the graveyard shift this time. Expect nothing else than a lethal, highly energetic mix containing traces from driving tribal Techno to Trance.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Blue Hour – “Fast Forward Audio Series #35”

Karschau – “Ismcast Presents…”

Nostitz – “POD. CAST #000002”


Nostitz & Itoh – “Fold”

Blue Hour – “Introspective III (Operator Remix)”

Blue Hour – “Faithful Eventide”


all stuff on Blue Hour’s label
EP “Higher Order Function” by Nostitz & Itoh on Controlled Violence


Blue Hour


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