[Mix]: SDB – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2019




Born (1996) and raised in Saarbrücken, Germany .

Started producing music at the age of 17 and started producing techno soon after experiencing it in the Mauerpfeiffer.

Releases on Märked, Code is Law, FBM Roster and Ismus.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2019”


01. Massimo – Mortuary
02. Rommwick – Zunt
03. Roll Dann – The Fist
04. Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson – Shackled
05. Temudo & Norbak – Value of Icons
06. ADM – Breaking The Silence
07. 21 Gram – Cocaine
08. Rusk – Hiroshima
09. Ignition Technition – Cronk Hustler
10. Veleno – Tanz mit dem Teufel (SDB Remix)
11. SDB – untitled & unreleased
12. Mike Humphries – Train Traxx
13. B2 – Dreaming
14. Contact Noise Crew – untitled & unreleased
15. Inland – Noisefields
16. Fac3less – Obscure Moon
17. William Arist – Quintaesencia I
18. Jamie Taylor – Dub Science
19. SDB – Loadout
20. secret weapon
21. Less Distress – Black Parade (Club Edit)


SDB’s “Youth EP” on Autonome Records
SDB’s “Restrepo EP” on Märked
sampler “Black On Ammo” w/ SDB track on C O U P
compilation “ISMVA001.2” w/ SDB track on Ismus
sampler “Golden Circle 5” w/ SDB track on Code Is Law
sampler “Golden Circle 4” w/ SDB track on Code Is Law
sampler “Golden Circle 3” w/ SDB track on Code Is Law




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