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Wice Remixed EP






Release Date:
04th October 2019


vinyl & digital


Just Kiddin’
(Deep’a & Biri Remix)

Just Kiddin’
(Jon Hester Remix)

(Refracted Remix)

(Mosam Howieson Remix)


Press Info:
With its fourth catalogue number, Steinlach returns to the vinyl format with a remix EP. On board are international friends of the label, who layed hands on Wice’s originals with outstanding re-interpretations. While the A-side contains two groovy and club-oriented remixes of ‚Just kiddin‘‘, the trippy flipside focuses on the second outcome of the label and refers to the two pieces ‚Absent‘ and ‚Hertz‘.

The record opens with a fast-paced and jacking ‚Just Kiddin‘‘ version by Deep’a and Biri. The two guys from Tel Aviv re-interprate the clubby aspect of the piece, furnish it with a portion of percussions and accompany it with a volatile beat. Discharging the track in a big bang, they‘re leaving the listener with no chance but to move energetically to the groove patterns while cherishing the original lead melody.

Just like Deep’a and Biri, Jon Hester bets on the energy and the recognition value of the original synth line. As typical for Jon, he gives a more Chicago-style housy and bouncy touch to the composition. The lead is getting chopped, re-interpreted and re-arranged into a new groove and melody pattern, sure to inspire the floor to shake and to catapult everyone around into a frisky dancing mood. Suddenly, the well-known arpeggio of the original comes in and makes for the climax of this brilliant remix.

With side B, the club aspect of the record might not be left behind, but moved into more stripped and trippy terrains. The B1 track is fashioned as a ruthless ‚Absent‘ version, unmistakingly having Refracted’s writing all over it. Smallest variations of the synth line, drones, and pads, without resorting to typical drum rack aspects, find their way deep inside the listener’s head, and draw them into their subtle rhythm. The unapolegetic roughness of the interpretation is striking and makes it a brilliant peaktime weapon.

Rounding up the whole EP, the last remix of the record is a wonderful re-interpretation by the talented Australian that is Mosam Howieson. He ministered to Wice‘s personal favourite piece and crafted a loving and deep version of ‚Hertz‘, which translates the magic of the original into own words and emotions, adds a subtle groove to it, then invites to listen more carefully. One quickly dives into a hopeful world in which a certain magic seems to be present, and where everything seems to be alright. Be it as a perfect last piece after a long fullfilling evening, or as the outstanding means to make the sun rise in the morning—Mosam’s interpretation sure hits the spot.

Special thanks go out to our close friends Simon Sandleitner who is always in charge of the great artworks and Roger Reuter (Roger23) for having always an open ear, his helpful advises and his thought-out criticism.


Full Track Streaming:


“Absent (Refracted Remix)”

“Just Kiddin (Jon Hester Remix)”

Videos by Tim Loose


“basislager Podcast 009”


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