11th October 2019: .defaultbox Label Night w/ Repressed Mind @ Geheimclub, Magdeburg (Germany)


.defaultbox Label Night w/ Repressed Mind


Date & Time:
11th October 2019 at 11:45pm


Repressed Mind
Patrick Brosin
Kegen Hall


Geheimclub, Magdeburg (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info (German Only):
Nach der letzten defaultbox Label Nacht im Dezember 2018 freuen wir uns mit geballter Kraft am 11. Oktober wieder im Geheimclub zu Gast zu sein.
Diese Mal mit: Repressed Mind.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Repressed Mind – “Level Delta Connecting #20”

Patrick Brosin – “Corpus monthly, Chapter 012”

Barrel – “Hedonism Podcast 17”


Repressed Mind – “Disillusioned”

Barrel – “Träume”

Repressed Mind – “BRTW”

Kegen Hall – “Fungal”

Repressed Mind – “Train Connection”

Patrick Brosin – “VAL”

Barrel – “STKLM”

Patrick Brosin – “B#001”

Kegen Hall – “Memento”


Repressed Mind’s “Disillusioned” on NovaFuture Recordings
Repressed Mind’s “Pattern Gate EP” on T4F Records
Repressed Mind’s “MOD011” on Modul.
“Breath Of Tokyo EP” by Barrel on Paradoxal Records
Barrel’s EP “ROD3” on .defaultbox


Geheimclub Magdeburg


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