out soon: Bastian Balders – Vorticity EP [Balders Audio]


Bastian Balders


Vorticity EP


Balders Audio




Release Date:
30th September 2019


one-sided vinyl & digital



(Alex Bau Repaint)


Press Info:
Dear Listeners, DJs and Promoters outside. I have some info for you.

I asked myself for a few months why I should not invest and show the world my music in doing my own business since I have tons of unreleased music on my computer since years. I was always active when it comes to music in playing the drums as a kid or trying out the piano. I do music for passion and my goal is to present it to the world.

And so BAL001 now is born. It all just happened in a short time and I am a little bit proud to present you the first EP of Balders Audio. It comes in red translucent 12’’ vinyl and delivers a techno banger for late clubbing hours and includes a remix by techno pioneer Alex Bau. I don’t really think I have to introduce this guy to you. Alex has been active for quite a long time as a DJ and producer, owns his label Credo and has worked many years together besides the CLR crew of Chris Liebing.

Now it is time to check this beauty out. It is called ‘Vorticity’ and it is a term of meteorology and increases the development of a storm low. So the music is….

Bastian Balders stands for techno music with variety because this piece is a techno beast but BAL002 is already set and combines deep and hypnotic sounds together. So stay tuned what comes next! Cheers.




Full Track Streaming:
“Vorticity (Alex Bau Repaint)”


“Live at Buttered Tapes, New York, USA – April 3rd, 2019”


Bastian Balders’ EP “Wormed” on MONOTON:audio


Buy Vinyl:
Bastian Balders @ Bandcamp
more soon


Buy Digital:
Bastian Balders @ Bandcamp
more soon


Bastian Balders


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