07th September 2019: Extinction Rebellion @ Alte Münze, Berlin (Germany)


Extinction Rebellion – Kick Off & Solidarity Party


Date & Time:
07th September 2019 at 10:30pm


Duendita live
Inhalt Der Nacht
Echoes Of October
Philipp Drube
Frank Heise
Franky Four Fingers
Peryl live


Alte Münze, Berlin (Germany)


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Press Info:
The world is in an unprecedented crisis. There is no longer any question about it. We need to act. Now. Starting on October 7th in Berlin, Paris, London, New York, and more capitals Extinction Rebellion is going to block the daily routines that are destroying our world and our existence. Join us. Because hope isn’t simply acquired, hope develops when you do something.

This is why we are inviting everyone to join us on September 7th at the Countdown Party. All proceeds from the party will be donated to Extinction Rebellion. Raving for a good cause; celebrating our love of life amongst the gravity of the situation, connecting electronic music to our engagement with politics. Together we will rave against the climate catastrophe; together we will take our future into our hands.

There is so much energy and potential in our lively, vibrant culture that up until now has stayed underground. Now is the time to leave the underground and shout at the top of our voices that we are taking this political stance and that we stand on the side of truth and action. And we will not just be standing; we will be peacefully fighting for the cause with over 100 dB.

So join us, be loud, be visible!

Fight with us against the culture of exploitation that is destroying our environment and taking our cities with it. Join us at the dance protest ‘Wem gehört die Stadt’ (Who does the city belong to). March from Prenzlauer Berg, past Alex and then to Moritzplatz, prove that we are there, prove that we are many and join us afterwards at the After Party at Alte Münze. We will dance the whole night away together, for there will be a tomorrow when we all act today.

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Inhalt Der Nacht – “Monasterio Chamber Podcast #51”

Echoes Of October – “at Tresor Berlin”

Philipp Drube – “Auroras of Jupiter”

Frank Heise – “Ismcast Presents….”

Rabella – “@ Feel Festival 2019”

Franky Four Fingers – “@ Jonny Knüppel”

Peryl – “Music & Interview [NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Live Set]”

K.EULE – “@ Feel Festival 2019”

Lej – “@ Hanseatische Materialverwaltung”


Inhalt Der Nacht – “Lebendig”

Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October – “Die Liebe”

Peryl – “Bleeding Eyes”


Peryl’s “Rebellion EP” on Lebendig
Inhalt Der Nacht’s “Deine Aura EP” on Seelen Records
“Fleischleben EP” by IDN & Echoes Of October on Lebendig


Extinction Rebellion Berlin
Alte Münze


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