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Anticipate Home EP






Release Date:
04th September 2019




Yes No Never Appropriate

Anticipate Home

Untitled Sleepless

Symbiose Eins


Press Info:
With its 138 bpm, its progressive basslines and the energetic synthline in G minor, “Yes, No. Never Appropriate” transfers the listener to bygone days. The nostalgic-like track is covered in a modern and individual dress worthwhile to contemplate thanks to Wice’s modern interpretation of that time (which he himself was never allowed to witness). Regardless of being played at original speed, or located in slower or faster pitch-realms, one thing that is noticed immediately is that this track, which Wice himself considers a little homage to past and timeless Basic Channel publications, belongs on the dancefloor to let its dynamics shine in all its glory. So play it loud. Again and again!

Subsequently, “Anticipate Home” van be found, which the artist wrote during his tedious and energy-sapping time abroad (India). Precisely this process of waiting and the associated thrill of anticipation to come back home are reflected in this second track within dynamically fractured rhythms. They are accentuated by tiny and delicate sounds and melodies, which serve to fill groove gaps and put the listeners hypnotically in Wice’s emotional world at that time. You are also forced to persevere a little, just as the artist himself, before you are finally released after the break by the above mentioned harmonically drifting triads – you are finally, dancing with joy, returning back home and let yourself drift by the experiences made in reduced but nevertheless complex afterglow.

Following this “Untitled Sleepless” can be discovered. As it can be concluded from the title, the track rays out a certain exhaustion which is characterized by superficial and just tiptoeing kickdrums as well as the dreamy and melancholic carpet of synth and noise. The harmonic interaction of lead, whitenoises and bassline makes the listener descend in a sort of trance – a world between sleep and waking, actual perception and dream. This condition will temporarily come to an abrupt end. Semi-straight kickdrums and an organic snare tear out the listener of this imaginary world of shifted sense perceptions and briefly stimulate harmonic movements of the body to then finally be able to find peace.

The last piece on the first digital Steinlach-release is difficult to locate genre-specifically. With its more than 150 bpm, its halfbeat-clocked kickdrums, the rimshots reminding of Drum and Bass, the basslines offsetting one another and the entire polyrhythm of the track a dreamy and dynamic piece of music emerges, which casts a spell over its recipients and lets the float through time and space in a mythical manner. The warm pads extend this trip even further and are hard to locate in the here and now. The track is supposed to prompt one’s own imagination and to find oneself now on a snow-covered mountain and then on a wonderful dive underneath the surface of the water. Just drift and embark on your own journey!

Concerning this a little acknowledgement of the artist: “Thank you Samu, for your presence during the whole process of production of B2. The sense of calm and tranquility that you radiate and your whole character as a good friend have significantly contributed to the emergence and inspiration of this track. To many more years of friendship and flourishing and inspiring musical collaboration.”


Full Track Streaming:


“Yes No Never Appropriate”


“Oecus Podcast 159”


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