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Bagefter EP


Pattern Abuse




Release Date:
29th August 2019





Tættere På

Første Film

Sct. Nicolai

Jeg Ved Det Ikke Engang Selv


Press Info:
The soundtrack to the mind is the only way I can describe this wonderfully remarkable EP from 20-year-old Danish producer Boding. Whereas from a young person starting on his musical journey in electronic music you might expect banging 4 to the floor beats, this is a harmonic step in the essence of ambient music. Even that might not do it justice, the melodies are encapsulating and a voyage like no other. It’s a personal reflection, as the project begins it’s somewhat pensive and a mere scratching of the surface, it delves to the dark side of things and truly shocking in what it uncovers.

Hard to believe this is the debut EP, however, he has appeared on the Pattern Abuse label before on their Pattern Abuse Compilation 2 – Nordic Ambient. The label Danish label gives light to the more ambient side of electronic music, calmer more pensive and always reflective of one’s being. The Copenhagen based outfit is headed by Liquido and he is giving a platform to some very clearly talented artist with this EP being a prime example.

The project kicks off with Forsvundet, which is a long drawn out synth that feels aquatic. It has a hallowed feel to it with an echo that is similar to that of a cathedral, but with a mild bubbling lilt that feels like you’re on a journey to the lost city of Atlantis. It is followed by Tættere På. The synth is lighter as it fades in and out. It is coupled with these light keys that caresses the mind and allows it to float. No longer weighed down by the self-expectancies of this world, it gives way to inner reflection without prejudice or judgement. As it dives deeper the sound is enhanced, as if a euphoric realisation is reached.

Up next is Første Film. Now these tracks feel like they are generating a narrative and flow chronologically. Upon that self-realisation is a state of inner Nirvanna, that peace and harmony have finally been reached. The synths are god like as if he descended himself and beamed out a heavenly light inside your very soul. The synth flows but rises, it is organ like in nature and the keys really hold firm, as they circulate it rises you so high you can look over a mountainous horizon.

What goes up must come down. Sct. Nicolai takes you down to the depths, to a much darker place. Whereas the mountains shone a light, it enters the caves and becomes dark. It still has higher pitched synths but this deeper undertone which really carries it. The cut has this rolling mechanical sound in the background which drives it on, a journey to an unknown place, of inner thought. Jeg Ved Det Ikke Engang Selv brings the project to a close. Beautifully woven in sounds as it a harmonic synth to begin with, drops then enters a powerfully perturbed synth swoops in and the slowed spaced percussions add a certain kind of anxiousness. He uses gaps masterfully to introduce new sounds and evoke new sensations, the pauses adding to the tension with reverberated drops. It cranks up the distortion and is a masterful pilgrimage through sound and mind.


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