30th June 2019: Rituals x Justine Perry @ Suicide Circus, Berlin (Germany)


Rituals x Justine Perry


Date & Time:
30th June 2019 at 11:59pm


Justine Perry


Suicide Circus, Berlin (Germany)


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Press Info:
The music of Refracted feels as fundamentally human as it sounds beyond the world. For him, techno is more of an idea and a channel than an easy-to-label sound. It is dance music in which layered rhythms are almost on a neutral, subepidermal level, while moving and evolving soundscapes receive a tactile and restrained note. Examples include release on Refracted’s own label Mind Express and well-known ones for example PoleGroup, Semantica and the Canadian ambient / deep-techno label Silent Season.

Madwoman’s sets, on the other hand, include energetic and dark, industrial sounds that hurt a particularly harsh atmosphere and occupy the dance floor. Recently returned from Cuba, where she made her debut as headliner, she decided to devote herself completely to the music. Currently she is working on her first own EP, which will be released in the near future.

Next to her, Mown from the label Norite will be also behind the decks. A passionate vinyl-digger with an impressive collection that reflects his musical taste.

Justine Perry, the host of the upcoming Rituals Night, is marked by the sound of ambient and dark, hypnotic techno, immersing the audience in the essence of the rave. As an artist of the collective Art Bei Ton she played in clubs such as the Rex Club Paris, Kwartz Club Nice and in the Griessmuehle Berlin. She recently reached a milestone in her career through her debut at the Tresor Club Berlin.

Visuals by FutureError

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Madwoman – “SCTR Podcast 004”

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Suicide Circus


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